World’s Top 10 Muslim Countries Best Known for Peaceful Living

top 10 muslim countries

Top 10 Muslim Countries

Many of us don’t know that the Muslim religion is in refereed as a religion of peace in holy Quran. In the present world scenario when Islamic nations are facing worst time due to extreme issues like terrorism, poor livelihood, economic crises, lack of government etc. Here we have found some nations of the Muslim religion, which are best known for their peaceful and safe living. Do you know how many Muslim countries in the world are on this list? Let’s check out!

10. Turkey


Among the top Muslim countries in the world, Turkey is a peaceful habitat for any religion. Muslims share highest 98% of total population, of which 72% are Sunnis. Turkey is known for its traditional and contemporary fashion sense of dressing. Compare to other Muslim nations turkey is one among the safest countries in the world.

9. Algeria


Algeria has very less percentage of Muslims in the world residing in it. But 98.2% of its total population is Muslim. The followers of Sufi philosophy are in common in this nation. Algeria is also in top 10 Muslim countries in the world. Religious issues are found much lower in comparison with other Muslim countries

8. Bangladesh


Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing Muslim economies in Asia. Due to stable government and less religious issues make this democratic Muslim country a peaceful nation. The impact of Islamic extremism is negligible here that’s why Bangladesh is one of the top 10 Muslim countries in the world.


7. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the leading Muslim nation who worked really hard on its economy and political balance. That’s how it give habitat to 97% of Muslim population a peaceful living environment. Saudi Arabia is also the center of spiritual Islamic places like Mecca and Medina.

6. Maldives


Maldives is also a Muslim country where its 98% Muslims population lives with rest 2% peacefully. If you want citizenship of Maldives you must accept Islam as your religion. Historically it was a Buddhist nation until the 12th century when Islam entered and become the dominating religion of the nation.

5. Mayotte


A small country where more than 97% Muslims lives is also a peaceful nation. This makes Mayotte to be counted as one of the top 10 Muslim countries. Apart from Muslims, there is the follower of Christian religion too in this country.

4. Morocco


One of the biggest Muslim economies Morrocco is also one from top 10 Muslim countries. Here overall 99% of the population follows Islam, Sunni’s are in majority here. Less internal issues make this country a peaceful place for living.

3. Jordan


Bordering with Europe Jordan among top 10 Muslim countries provides a peaceful living to its 95% Sunni dominant Muslim population. There are significantly less religious issues for the citizens.

2. Indonesia


With 90% of the total population here is the follower of Islam. Indonesia is the country in Asia involved with very fewer conflicts in comparison with the other Muslim countries.

1. Kuwait


Kuwait is the first place in top 10 Muslim countries when it comes to a peaceful nation. With the good comparative proportion of Shia and Sunni Muslims, this country is a symbol of peace and harmony among Muslims.

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