Here is what you must do for security of your child

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Here is what you must do for security of your child

Recent horrific incidents occurring at various schools in the country. This is an alarming situation for parents who send their children to school.
Be it the incidence of rape with a minor girl by teaching staff or the recent one gruesome murder of a 7-year-old boy allegedly by the conductor of his school bus, it all leaves a maleficent imprint on every parents’ mind whose kid goes to school.
Here is what one should keep in mind for the protection of one’s school going child.

Some Important measures for security of your child

1.Try to get admission to the child in a reputed school whose infrastructure facilities complies with basic security standards like security guards, and closed premises, and security cameras.
2.Parents should regularly visit the school of their child to get an assessment of the environment of school with respect to the security and safety.

3. It is good to acquaint yourself with the teaching staff of your child.This may be done during parent teacher meetings or by formal visits to the school.
4.Always have a watch on your child’s behaviour, mood and talk to him gently if seems something unusual. We should always have conversations with our child regarding their day at schools. Show some interests in his classmates his close friends and other persons of which he used to be in contact.

5. Safty is the most important thing for the security of your child. Especially during transportation to and from school by bus and other means. Be ensured about the driver and conductor of the school bus. They must have their police verification done for the job. Their behaviour towards the children must be closely watched.
6. Last but not the least we must develop such relationship with our children that they fearlessly unhesitatingly share their problem with you. So please take care of your children.