You’ll be shocked to know, petrol prices in these countries in INR

Low Cost Petrol Countries

There are a number of countries in the world and they all have different prices for the commodities and the similar condition is with the price of petrol. There are some countries present where the petrol pices are cheaper than water but on the other side, there are some countries where the price of petrol rises day by day.
There are prices as well as trends which have a tendency to change from time to time; let us share a fact, in reality, there are some places where the price of petrol is cheaper than a Rupee per litre.

Cheaper Petrol

The bridging gap between petrol prices in Northern Coast

Will you believe that there are some countries in Europe where the price of petrol is over $2 i.e., ₹136.19 per litre? On contrary, in Venezuela, country present on the northern coast of South America is one such country where you have to pay only 0.58 rupees for a litre of petrol. In a country like India, it seems like petrol costs over a 100 times. Shocked? Yes, it is way too cheap in Venezuela.

Today, we will discuss the petrol prices around the world. There are countries where petrol is in abundance and hence, over there citizens don’t have to pay much for petrol. But there are many countries where people are in tension due to a steep rise in the price of petrol. So, do you know where the petrol price is highest of all?

Petrol is really cheap over here

Cheaper Petrol Prices

After Venezuela, Iran is the second country where petrol is cheap, here it costs only ₹18.79. Then comes Sudan, where one has to pay only ₹22.82 for a litre. Kuwait is a country which costs its citizens ₹23.89 per litre of petrol. Algeria also falls under the category of low petrol price, here one has to pay only ₹24.16 per litre.
UAE costs ₹43.90 for a litre of petrol, rather of the fact that its capital Abu Dhabi holds the country’s oil and gas reserves that also of 95% and 6% respectively. In the world, 4th largest oil reserve is in Iraq, and here the petrol costs ₹42.97.

Hike in petrol prices

There is a number of countries where petrol price is at a much high rate like Denmark, one has to pay ₹128.87 our litre. In The Netherlands, cost per litre is ₹132.22. In Norway, price raises, cost per litre is ₹137.59. Not only this, in countries like Hong Kong and Iceland, it costs ₹146.63 and ₹145.65 respectively. Now did you got an idea how costly can petrol be?
In our neighbouring country, Pakistan, petrol is quite cheaper, here it costs only ₹50.34 for a litre. Pakistan scored 32nd rank among 167 countries where petrol price is low. In Sri Lanka, petrol costs per litre ₹63.77, in Nepal, it is ₹68.74, and China costs its citizens ₹80.90 per litre of petrol.

Now, let’s talk about our own country, India. In India, petrol price is quite similar to our neighbouring country, China. But there is raise at petrol price day after day. India costs its citizens ₹84.06 for a litre of petrol in Mumbai on 20th June 2018. At the moment, India is on the 96th spot and has come down in ranking from four positions since 21st May 2018. Let’s see by how much more does petrol price hikes in India.