Deepika Padukone her name is enough to personify the real beauty. She is one of the best actresses that of our Indian film industry. Not just in Bollywood but she has showcased her incredible skills of acting in Hollywood as well. There is no sign of doubt that she is having a spectacular body. But nothing comes with no efforts. This is the reason why she pays her immense dedication to maintain her astonishing figure. We are going to reveal top 10 Deepika Padukone’s fitness and diet secrets

1 Yoga


Yes, she starts her day with the healthiest way of life that is Yoga. She spends around 60 minutes every day for the sake of completing her regime of yoga. She performs various effective asanas to maintain the perfect posture of her body. In the guidance of her personal trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.

2. Sports


She is a fond lover of sports and adventures. You will be surprised after knowing this that Deepika Padukone tries to steal some of the time for playing badminton. Apart from that she also follows countless things like mountain climbing and box jumps.

3 Six meals a day

Red and white rice black beans corn avocado tomato salad. toning. selective focus

DP is very particular when it comes about the side of her diet. Instead of taking the entire course at once she prefers to divide it into six mini meals and consumes them on the regular basis.

4 Junk food is a big no

It is obvious that no one can maintain the amazing shape of the body in the presence of a huge plate full of junk food. This is why she never loses her heart at the attractive yet unhealthy food items.

5 Breakfast is a must

In order of keeping the bar of her fabulous fitness always high, she never gives up on her breakfast. She enjoys taking the package of 2 eggs and a glass of low-fat milk. This kind of breakfast builds her absolutely outstanding body.

6 A fish lover

Yes, we just said that Deepika Padukone is a big fan of grilled fish. She always includes the grilled fish in her diet with a bowl full of green vegetable that’s how her lunch looks like.

7 Indian Dinner


Being an Indian she understands the value of Indian food. She adores eating dal roti and salad in her dinner, except for the inclusion of rice. This is the perfect assimilation of dinner for Deepika Padukone.

8 Staying Hydrated

She never forgets to serve aright check on the adequate quantity of water in her body. Moreover, she is an admirer of coconut water and fruit juices too.

9 Savour of South

According to Deepika Padukone, south Indian legacy can never cause a disappointment for anyone. She is an all time lover of Idli, Vada Sambar, Rasam. She thinks that nothing can be more delightful than enjoying the traditional blend of our own country.

10 Fruits are her fascination

Fruits are implausibly fascinating for Deepika Padukone. She always yearns to pick up her bowl full of fresh fruits. This is one of the biggest secrets of her admirable body.

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