7 Resume Writing Tips and Tricks

Resume Writing Tips

Having a good resume is a positive point for you if you are interested in applying for any specific job post/ internship. Even if you wish to apply for any of the job post you need to update your resume every time. But there is always a question that makes everyone nervous i.e What are the things that should I mention in my resume? How should my resume look like? Well no need to worry about all the important questions because

here are the best of Resume writing tips to write a good Resume

Resume Writing Tips:

Keep it Precise

You should always mention limited and important things in your resume instead of mentioning irrelevant things. You should only mention your achievements that are relevant to the job position you are applying for. Sometimes mentioning excessive of things puts a bad impression in front of the interviewer.

Keep it to a Page or Two

People keep on debating over this thing that what should be the length of the resume. It is preferable that the resume should be only of a page or two. You should know how to organise your important and less important things. It is not necessary to mention everything and exceed the resume more than the suggested no.

Keep it Recent

Instead of mentioning the really old and irrelevant experiences in your resume you should mention the recent and best of experiences in your resume. You should make choices between the better experience and mention it in your C.V. make sure the things you have mentioned should be relevant to the job position you are applying for.

Mention the URL’s of your Blogs/Work

If you are a professional writer/blogger then you should always mention your links in the experience section. Professionals do mention their twitter and Linkedln URL. Mentioning links is always a good thing to do as it keeps the resume professional

Always mention your contact information

If you want to increase your chances to get hired then don’t forget to mention your contact details. Always mention your Phone Number and Email Id so that the company could get back to you. Just in case you have changed your contact details do change / update it in your resume.

Choose a proper Resume Format

You should use a proper resume format do not use a brighter and decorative resume format. Keep it simple and it should have the sections that are necessary to mention all the details. Professionals suggest that one should make their resume in reverse-chronological order.

Don’t forget to mention your educational details

Always do mention your educational details about the school, college and higher studies in your resume. Always mention your education section before your experience section. Keep it in order from the highest to the lowest degree.

There are plenty of things to arrange in a resume in a proper way. Many people do not have proper guidance about how should a resume look like. The above article mentions all the tips and tricks to make a professional resume and avoid silly mistakes that cause problems later. Keep yourself updated! Goodluck!