The Days are not going very good for the major corporate of the world ‘CISCO’. The employees at the major are facing serious internal IT outrage. The company accepted the fault and tweeted that it was “ware of some disruption” to its IT systems and is “working” on restoring the faults.

Adding more to the problem, the company’s corporate blog also went corrupted. The default page had turned as the normal WordPress page. But after some time, the blog was restored to company’s normal blog page.

This issue was not only limited to its employees, the customers also had to go through difficulties in using its online facilities. The customers complained that the single sign-on on the Companies login could not be accessed. Other than single sign-on, company’s learning portal and the security advisories were also out of reach for the people.

On this, CISCO Spokesperson said “We have traced our disruption to an internal system change, and services are in process of being fully restored”.Company services like Webex were out of this issue and were working as it used to be.