Amandeep Singh First Sikh Wushu Player From India – From Gujarat


First Sikh wushu player Amandeep Singh has made the country proud in the world. He proudly stands as first Sikh from Gujarat to hold a medal in Federation cup wushu championship held at Georgia, Russia. Amandeep bags the bronze medal in 8th international wushu champion. He is very happy and now aspires for making our country more proud by representing India in major international tournaments like Olympics and Commonwealth a teenager this is a great achievement for him at an age of 18 and a very proud moment for our country.

Journeys aren’t easy at all


Amandeep, coming from the family of athletes, as a kid was always interested in sports .he was good in wrestling and judo and enrolled in these at school and played many games at school, district and state level. He was interested in boxing and was one of the district champions. The journey would have flourished but maybe it wasn’t the way for him. Amandeep making boxing as a choice enrolled himself in a boxing arena, but he wasn’t allowed under guidelines that said players should be clean shaved .being a Sikh this wasn’t an option. Beards are pride and identity of a Sikh.

The journey of this first Sikh wushu player

Now what. He, by one of his coach, was introduced to Wushu. Wushu is a material art of China, a combination of various art like boxing, wrestling, judo and this game didn’t even make him compromise between two most important things. He started playing wushu at his school, Hiramani School. He worked hard in getting every bit of this game. His father was a great support to him, he always motivated Amandeep to do well in every field. ”harmaidanfateh”-his father’s words that truly describes victory of his son now.

Amardeep completed his post-graduation from Police University in industrial security .he started his professional wushu training under Coach BadrinathPandey. His intense training is required according to this game, wushu that required strength endurance and flexibility. He worked very hard daily on strengthening his skills of the game. Being very enthusiastic he focused towards his game and it would not be wrong to say his hard work paid off. He calls Mr Badrinath Pandey, his coach and his grandfather, subedarRawel Singh who was an army boxer and wrestler as his inspiration. These two supported him and also carved his art in the best possible way, and he surely does this to appreciate their support.

His appreciable achievements

  1. 2014:

Silver medal in first student national Olympic games, Aurangabad.

Bronze medal in federation cup championship, Hyderabad.

Sports player of the year, Samarth high school.


  1. 2015:

Bronze medal for India in 8th international open Wushu championship Georgia. It still is a proud moment for him and the nation.


  1. 2016:

Bronze medal in All India chess boxing championship, Tamil Nadu.

Best boxer award, chess boxing organization


  1. 2017:

Silver medal in national material art game, Ujjain. He has a myriad of awards in his pocket.

Hall of fame award, Ujjain.

Sports player of the year, N M ZalaCollege. The whole countrymen are also proud of his victory and courage.


Now his main focus is on major games like Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and Asian games. He also wants to give training of Wushu to children and wants to create more awareness about this game. Also, there are many new talents that are thinking to make their career in this field. If given a chance they can also do wonders like him.

He’s the first Sikh wushu player who’s taking the name of India high all around the world. We also have a lot of talent who can go through vigorous training and become the next champion in this game. We also need to promote this game. People will come to know about it and maybe one day they can celebrate its victory like the other games.