FRIENDS : 6 Questions Which Were Left Unanswered


FRIENDS is without the perfect sitcom to have appeared on the Television. However, the ending was quite ambiguous. There were a lot of questions which remained unanswered after the finale.

Let’s count down the top 6 questions which remained unanswered after the FRIENDS finale.

1. Rachel’s Job
Rachel had a dream job in Paris, courtesy of Mark. But we saw her “getting off the plane”, to be with the love of her life, Dr. Ross Geller. The couple did get a happy ending but did Rachel leave her dream job for it? It looked like she did. So, what would she do now? Go back to waitressing?

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2. Emma and Ben meet up
The audience was surprised to see that Ross’ son Ben, didn’t attend his wedding with Emily. Not only this, he didn’t meet with his sister Emma. Did the creators do it intentionally? And if yes, is there any chance they will meet in the future?

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3. Joey’s life
Rachel and Ross are settled up together. Pheobe and Mike are married. Monica and Chandler left the purple apartment for good. So what happened with Joey? Does he end up being a “loner?”

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4. Pheobe and Mike’s future together
Did Phoebe stop being a masseuse? Or did the couple live off Mike’s parents money? How many children did they have? Where are they settled now?

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5. Did they reunite once again?
Did the central orange couch witness six ass prints of the most beautifully weird people ever again? And if yes, what did they talk about? Was Gunther still there ? Who was the waitress? Did they get what they ordered?

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6. And the biggest question of them all.
Why did it end?

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