Government Approves Mission Gaganyaan.


Three Indian will send to space soon by 2022, for up to seven days as apart of India’s Gaganyaan project by ISRO. Law minister announces about the mission this evening. The government has approved a budget of Rs 10,000 crore for this mission. After the success of this mission, India will become the fourth nation to send humans into space independently. The announcement of this project was first to announce by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 72nd Independence Day.

 Three men will be send into space

ISRO wants to send the biggest rocket the GSLV Mk III, to send three Indian astronauts into space from the Sriharikota spaceport in Andhra Pradesh. The ISRO wishes to launch this mission in 40 months. The plans in the manifestation phase include undertaking two crewless flights and one human flight. This mission use Indian technology to throw a team of three into a low earth orbit for 5-7 day.

The chairman of ISRO, Dr k Sivan, says that 2022 is a very tight schedule, but we will do it. For this mission, India is taking help from Russia and France.
To give special recognition to our astronauts, ISRO plans to call them Vyomnauts, since in Sanskrit Vyom means space.

On this space mission, India has spent Rs 173 crore for the development of the technologies for the human spaceflight. The plan to send humans was planed in 2008, but that time Indian economy was not strong enough to fund the rocket experiment.

India had already tasted its re-entry technology when a 550 kg satellite was sent into orbit and brought back safely to the earth through the satellite Recovery Experiment in 2007.

To support the ISRO, essential infrastructure will establish. To accomplish the mission ISRO will collaborate with laboratories, academia, agencies and industry to achieve the Gaganyaan mission objective.

What is Mission Gaganyaan?

The Gaganyaan mission is a space mission of India. Where one human flight along with two other uncrewed flight will send to space from the Sriharikota spaceport. In this mission technology, developed by India will put to use to send three Indian astronauts into the lower orbit of the earth for up to 7 days.

ISRO has also experiment the crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment, where a 3745 kg of space capsule launches into space on the prototype of the GSLV Mk III and safely recover from the Bay of Bengal.

So, let’s hope best for the first Indian space mission into space. May God be with the Astronauts.