Most Haunted Places in the World That You Never Dare To Visit-


Most Haunted Places in the World That You Never Dare To Visit-

Have you ever visited any of the haunted places? There are numerous different type of people and some of them just love to visit the scariest places as it seems quite adventurous and happening for them while some others never dare to visit such kind of places due to their fears. What do you think about the haunted places? Should anybody visit there or not? Generally, children are always usual to have heard numerous scary ghost stories; similarly, there must be a story behind any haunted place. Are you aware of the most haunted places in the world that you never dare to visit? No? Just have a slight look at some of these places-

  1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan-

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The fort is cursed by a tantric with a wishing,all those who dwell this place will die’. This place has now acknowledged has one of the most haunted places in India. Some of the local people of this place who have ever entered into the fort never returned out for the fort and thus nobody dares to enter into the fort after sunset.

  1. The Church of Three Kings, Goa-

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Goa is a well-known place of beaches but The Church of Three Kings is one of the most haunted places here. The story behind this horror is the murder of the two kings by a Portuguese king named Holger Alvunger. He also committed suicide after this murder and from then, a number of supernatural activities have been seen here.

  1. Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala-

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People usually like to visit Lonavala during their weekends but this Hotel Raj Kiran is the scariest place here which can make you feel regretted of visiting Lonavala, why? It has been believed that the bedsheets of people residing there are forcefully pulled off when they are asleep. It is one of the most haunted places where you will never ever dare to visit.

  1. Down Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal-

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Some of the locals of this area often hear the footsteps were following them and it has also been witnessed that numerous mysterious murders have already happened here but nobody knows about the murderer. Numerous tourists have also experienced numerous abnormal and paranormal activities being happening here and thus nobody dares to visit this haunted place.

  1. Malcha Mahal, Delhi-

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The Princess Sakina committed suicide here in about 1962 and her children continued to stay there without any connection to the outside world. Numerous reporters tried to go inside the Mahal to talk with the children but none of them ever returned out. Thus, it is another Most Haunted Places in the World That You Never Dare to Visit-

  1. Rome Horror, Italy-

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Numerous horror lovers are there who just love to visit the scary places but the Rome Horror in Italy will surely turn their mind and they would never dare to visit this place again in their life. Here, the churches are decorated with the human bones which can make anyone feel horrible.