Indoor Plants Help That Sleep Better at Night


Plants are an integral part of our system, without them, it is just impossible to survive in this materialistic world. They clean our environment and help to breathe us fresh and pure air. However, these plants have now become part of interiors as well. There are many plants that we love to keep inside our homes, in our living areas or bedrooms as they add beauty to the place and most importantly these indoor plants that help sleep better.

Yet, with regards to helping us rest, some are superior to other people. We addressed Christopher Satch, a plant researcher at The Sill and Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal to discover the best plants to enable you to get that quality zzzzs.

Let’s have a look at all those indoor plants that help sleep better:

  • Snake Plant: This is one of the most common plants which people these days are preferring to keep indoors. It acts as a natural air purifier and provides you with clean air to breathe. It emits oxygen at night and improves the all over air quality around you to help you sleep better.

  • Jasmine: Jasmine is yet another beautiful plant that people love to keep inside their homes. Not only it purifies the air, but also change the aroma around you. It provides good, fresh, scented fragrance which helps in relaxing your soul and mind. According to science, jasmine helps to lower down the level of anxiety.

  • Peace Lily: Other indoor plants that help sleep better is peace, Lily. These lilies also act as an air purifier and help you to take in the fresh and pure air. It also helps in increasing humidity level by almost 5% while sleeping and we all know that better the humidity level better will be the sleep.
  • Aloe Vera: Not only it purifies the air around you but also has medicinal properties. It requires minimal watering and still maintains a great moisture level. Applying gel of this plant can act as a first aid for minor cuts, or bite from an insect.

  • Lavender: After reading about Lavender the first thing that comes in mind is the sweet smell of this plant. It is a great plant for relaxation and that is why it is included in the category of those indoor plants that help sleep better. It helps in improving blood pressure and stress levels.

So try to get one indoor plant for your bedroom, and have a good night sleep.