Kanika Dhillon Talks About The Impact Of The Manmarziyaan Controversy


Kanika Dhillon, author, and screenwriter has to her list movies like Ra One, Size Zero which is a Telugu and Tamil bilingual comedy. But, none of her works have reached fame as the film Manmarziyaan. In terms of controversy, Manmarziyaan has reached a new level. The movie was said to hurt the religious beliefs of the Sikh community.

The writer now opens up on what she thinks about the controversy and her experience while writing the film. Kanika further says that the writing of the film was a liberating experience for her. The intention to depict the uncertainty and unease surrounding romantic relationships is difficult. She is also happy that the audience is very appreciative of the film. She also explains that it took nearly two years for her to write this complicated love story.

The writer, who took nearly two years to pen the complicated love story, says that she wanted her characters to be as genuine and raw as possible. But that very same rawness seems to have resulted in controversy. She further added that a woman’s state of mind should not hurt the sentiments or beliefs of a religion just because she is in a spiritual place. The controversy was upsetting she further added.

Controversy affecting the film

Kanika as the writer wanted to bring out the right emotion of the characters but not to hurt any sentiments or anyone. She was trying to explore a woman’s heart given the choices and circumstances. Kanika reveals that the entire team of Manmarziyaan had to deal with the backlash and controversy of a few minor issues.

She later added that the abrupt cutting of scenes would affect the plot and sequence of events. The narrative will be clumsy, and the audience will see incomplete scenes where on the part will not connect to the next. The cutting of scenes because of few people was too unfair.

Being a writer, her main fear is her imagination being cut back due to various outside forces like this controversy for example. Writing is a form of art, and art should not succumb to fears while exploring the possible sequence of events.

New Collaborations

Kanika’s latest projects include Mental Hey Kya with her husband and Kedarnath. Mental Hey Kya is a psychological thriller and Kedarnath is about the floods in Kedarnath region in the year 2013. She feels that she has to face challenge as a writer when she wishes to dream big. But she remains rooted in the storyline so that the audience can connect with it.

Out of the box story of Manmarziyaan

The movie hit the theaters on September 14 this year, and Kanika Dhillon is the creative producer. Bollywood has always avoided responsibility in crediting the writers, but the writer believes that this aspect will change. As a writer she wants the story to be realistic. While narrating the story too few of the directors before Anurag didn’t find it it according to the Indian audience mentality.

The directors were uncomfortable with it. They further feel that it happens, but it can’t portray exactly on screen. The audience will be uncomfortable they said. All the writers face this. On how a girl should be characterized and how they behave. A writer should have the freedom to express their views. Manmarziyaan is surely breaking the orthodox thinking and showing the free side of girls.