Know how Yoga is good for Physical and Mental Fitness


Youngsters these days often opt for gym over Yoga, but that is where they are going wrong. To stick to facts, Yoga and meditation for calm have been in the Indian culture for as long as centuries, and the benefits are always tried and tested. Yoga not only helps one to exercise and maintain fitness, but it also aids to calm the mind. Yoga for fitness is the absolute solution to health and happiness. Here is why:

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Yoga will involve stretching, twirling, and folding, which aids in maintaining the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic system. All of these benefits come as additional to the fact that Yoga strengthens muscles too. With one going to the gym, only the muscles and the cardio is taken care. But Yoga stands as the complete all-around activity that takes care of your fitness, health, and heart. Yoga has other great benefits too – it enhances your body muscles by no external aid – it is you and your body that does the workout, and as a result, no weights, or equipment is needed. This way, Yoga can be performed anywhere, and by anyone, with or without trained personnel.

Yoga for body fitness:

Yoga comes with body and mind relaxations, making it a healthy activity. It eases your breathing, calms down the stress in your nerves, helps you to focus on yourself, and increases your fitness in general. Yoga is gentle on your body, but the effect is intensive. Exercise also gives one flexibility and doesn’t make one bulky out of muscles only. Meditation is hence most effective for fitness because it strikes the right balance between the body and the mind.

There are of course several forms of Yoga, which include the Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. All of the different forms of Yoga for fitness have their own advantage and style of performing them. Bikram is performed in a hot room for example. Similarly, Hatha is a slower version of Yoga. To gain fitness, one needs to perform the Yoga with devotion and concentration.

Yoga cures diseases:

The Yoga is an ideal vehicle to gain complete fitness, as one learns to work on specific parts of the body like the core muscles, the arms, legs, back and more. Yoga relieves pain and aches in each of these regions and helps in complete healing. Research claims that Yoga fitness relieves depression, stress, headaches, diabetes, certain types of cancers and more. Yoga has an additional benefit of putting one’s body into the parasympathetic state and lowering the pressure. It also has the capacity to twerk with the Vagus nerve, which controls hormones and other activities.

Yoga doesn’t lead to an insane amount of calories loss which is promised by the gyms, but it is undoubtedly the best form to opt for when one wants holistic and spiritual growth and proper health benefits. Yoga fitness is the solution for all fitness freaks. After all, losing calories should not be the only goal – it should be a holistic step towards a healthy lifestyle overall.