Nail Houses-7 Owners Who Are Too Much In Love With Their Houses

Nail Houses

Well, we all love our houses and there’s no place like it, is it? But, there are these 7 owners took the phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’ too seriously.

The Washington Townhouse Owner

Austin Spriggs had received offers for the building that housed his architectural firm. And the offers he received were what many would consider to a lottery ticket. But, every time he said no and turned down all the offers. In 2011, when his bank threatened foreclosure he sold the
building for which he was being offered a whopping $2 million for a mere $750,000.

Mr Yang whose house hit rock bottom, literally


If one were to look at the man’s house, it would seem that it belonged to a war zone period. But, that isn’t the case. Due to the rapid urbanization in the Yichang, Hubei province, the man was asked to relocate. But, he couldn’t come to terms with the local government. The government then cut off the power and water supply. And, due to his
economic conditions, he continues to reside there.

The woman who inspired the making of the movie ‘UP’

The woman goes by the name of Macefield who refused to sell her house for a million dollars. She lived in Ballard, Seattle and saw her neighbourhood become gentrified pretty soon. She refused to give in to the urbanization and hence the construction chief, Barry Martin had to build a mall around her house. The two of them formed a bond and
Barry found himself running errands for the lady. When the woman passed away at 87 due to pancreatic cancer, she had surprisingly willed her home to Barry Martin.

The house standing in the middle of a road in China

Luo Baogen and his wife are adamant about still living in their lone apartment in the town of Wenling, in Zhejiang province, China because they suppose that the relocation
reimbursement offered by the government was not sufficient.

The house with a 360-degree road view

In Guangzhou, China developers have constructed roads around the houses which weren’t ready to give up their
properties just yet. Even after much persuasion, the owners were not ready to give in and hence now sit in their homes enjoying a 360-degree view of the roads.

The farmhouse in the middle of the high way

China does face some of the most peculiar problems and well, it every time figures out a ‘Chinese Way’ of
getting out of that trouble. And so it happened in Dongying when all but a certain farmer Ye Tan, 72, and his wife Shen, 71 didn’t evacuate their farm – for a high way construction project- because they felt that they haven’t been offered enough. So, now they sit in their farmhouse where the highway has been constructed on
either side of their house.

The farm in the middle of a Japanese Airport

Well, this is one of the deadliest conflicts Japan suffered post-WW II. An airport in Narita had to be constructed
but the government was unable to do so because of their conflicts with the farmers. The farmers felt that the government used to muscle power to throw them out of their houses. As a result of this, there was a long battle for about 36 years which came to an end with 7 farmers still owning their plots.

However, what concerns one the most is that the locals aren’t disturbed by the aeroplanes taking off or landing.
Well, there’s this!
What do you think how far would you go to save your home?