Raksha Bandhan’s Special


Once a year comes the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan. On this auspicious day sisters across the country tie rakhis to their brothers. God couldn’t give guardian angels to every sister so he made ‘brothers’. This Raksha Bandhan sends lovely and beautiful wallpapers to your beloved siblings early in the morning to celebrate the holy bond of love.

Here are some of the best and latest wallpapers and gift trends of 2018 which you can send to your partner-in-crime:-

  1. Text your sibling a very good morning with this simple yet elegant ‘Happy Raksha Bandhan’ wallpaper. There could absolutely be nothing more joyous than a wish early in the morning. This wallpaper will surely set the mood for the entire day. Even if you get stuck in your every day’s busy schedule, your sibling won’t get angry with you if you turn up late.
  1. Send some of the best wallpapers of 2018 to your sister to make her day. This wallpaper will absolutely turn her morning blue and make her feel the most special sister in the whole world. On the holy occasion of Raksha Bandhan forget all the differences and little pranks ever pulled on you and try making this a memorable day for your sibling.


  1. Send this beautiful wallpaper to your brother to remind him how precious he is to you even after pulling out in numerous odd pranks on you. Remind him this is your day and he needs to take care of your demands. And out of all days, you deserve to feel special this day.
  2. Your sibling is the best God gift to you. Remind them they have you by their side against all odds and through the apocalypse by sending the best Rakshabandhan wallpaper of 2018.
Gift suggestions: –
  • Its 2018 and technology is at its best. Gift an extraordinary pair of glow pro watches to your siblings. They won’t stop drooling over them. This awesome pair of stone studded watches is a collection by Timex. They glow in the dark and will always keep reminding their beholder of the precious relation they portray. Your technology freak brother or your jewelry loving sister would treasure this pair and think of you every time they glance at it.
  • Gift your lazy little sister the best gift of her life. See her face shining like the sun with this massive chocolate bouquet.  So beautifully decorated with two of the most cherished things by a woman- flowers and chocolate.
  • Gift your sister this luxurious spa hampers from Vega and she will never stop thanking you for this. Give her the pamper she dreams of and she would absolutely love you for this. After all, there can be nothing like a thoughtful and mindful brother.
  • Heads up sisters! It is 2018 and the craft industry in India is booming with exquisite handmade crafts. Look out for these amazing rakhis with your brother’s name and message engraved on it. You can get them and personalize them from the makers and put beautiful messages on it for that unique brother who deserves to stand out from the rest.
  • Once in a while we sisters have always had to bang our heads in order to decide on what to gift that classy bro! Well, your prayers have been heard as we present to you the classiest trend of 2018 men’s fashion. Gift this amazing cushion personalized wallet to your brother who is a class apart. That stainless steel clamp absolutely steals the show!