Social Media Phenomenon in Youth


Why are people attracting with Social Media Websites?

In this world, people are more Attracting with Social Media Platform.  There are so many reasons behind them. USAGE OF Social Media has many advantages and disadvantages. If we use something in the exorbitant form, they may drop a negative effect on us.  This is also true that the excessive use of Social Media Websites can distract students from their studies. Let us discuss some important facts about the usage of Social Media Platform.

Social Media is the great Platform to find anyone in the world:

The first and primary benefit of Social Media Websites is you can find any person anytime anywhere. This is the most Attracting feature of this Platform.  When you lost someone or you love someone but not tell him, then this is the best way to find a d get touched with someone.  Mobile is not fulfilled all our needs because it only calls that person who number add in our contacts or in our mind.  But Facebook, Twitter is the most useful sites to search someone.

Contradiction: The one Contradiction is also present in this advantage that sometimes people are using this feature for abusing and assaulting someone. In the recent reports based on the usage of Social Media Platform, Disclose that people are finding their enemies or girls from fake I’d to abuse them.  But there is no serious solution made to seek out these problems.

Wide Sharing Platform: Social Networking Sites gives to the user the wide Platform of sharing their Ideas though.  You can share real-time location. This means this is the Platform where we will share our happiness or sadness Memories with our friend’s just one click.

Contradiction: It is the main contradiction of this sharing and posting Platform that some people are commented in an abusing and shaming way to the post of people.  This attitude may be heart someone.

Best advertising platform for E-commerce Companies: Social Networking Sites are the best way for Marketing of the products.  Here people are advertising their products free of cost.  And gain more profit and popularity without wasting much money.  This is without any laws and boundaries Platform, hence you will posting your products and services without the fear of spam.

Contradiction: This feature of Social Networking Sites also have a negative effect which is that with promoting valuable goods and services,  some people are also promoting illegal or abusing products.  Sometimes we see that some Sites want to increase the traffic on their Sites posting serial and points videos.  This may cause a bad effect to our society.

Social Media Effect on kids: In this world people are worried about their teens because of they always busy on chatting sharing and posting videos and photos with their but doing these things they will also Attracting With some unusual substances.  That may drop a negative effect on their studies and behavior. Children Abusing Crimes are increasing more and more nowadays. Hence this is all about Social Media Websites Benefits and Contradictions.