After gaining a tax-free status across Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, the movie Super 30 has now been declared Tax Free by Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia. A tax-free status simply means a lesser cost on purchasing the exorbitantly high cinema tickets that serve as a complement to the exorbitantly high price of popcorn and cold-drink.  Vikas Bahl directed Super 30 stars Hritik Roshan and is based on the life of Patna based scholar Anand Kumar who coached financially weak students for IIT entrance examinations, achieving high success rates in cracking the same. Sisodia along with Anand Kumar visited a Delhi Government school quite recently. Anand agreed to conduct one class every month for the students of these schools. The format will be an online virtual classroom for 11th & 12th class students. Being a rare rational politician, Sisodia along with his party have been working at transforming the Government school formula of Delhi, and have been fairly rich in the results that appear to be, which makes the party and its leaders stand on a somewhat equal footing as Mr. Kumar himself.

The movie- Super 30

As far as the film is concerned, it has received mixed reviews. Voicing the voice of one critic, she says “Super 30 conveyed the message that though education is the privilege of people with good economic background, but given the level field others too can shine equally…While the narrative does have its flaws, Super 30 is a human drama and the story of a teacher who triumphs over the many challenges that life throws at him, to set an example for the world to see. Just for that it’s worth a watch.” On a standpoint contrary to its artistic worth (which strays in a moral grey road between critics’ renunciation and acceptance), the film has moved far ahead of the break-even point, garnering an estimated Rs.164.11 crore, and still running in theatres. There would be no point of looking at this film from the personal lens of Roshan, but it wouldn’t be insensitive to say that often the tragedies on screen serve as a means of catharsis of the tragedies of our very own lives.

Humans resemble Sisyphus. There are times when the boulder rises above, Sisyphus feels empowered. Reaching the top again, he smiles only to fall down once again. Pushing the boulder above, Sisyphus feels powerless. This journey goes on and one, repeats itself a several times, and this is what the Human drama is all about. Finding problems, finding solutions, feeling empowered, finding another problem, feeling powerless, finding solution, feeling empowered…and so on. I wish there was some better way to express this narrative, but there isn’t for this still remains a problem without a solution.Similarly, this movie as one can observe is what may really may make Sisyphus “happy”, but one day or another he would have to let go of that “happiness”.