Mythology is something that brings sense to this senseless world and gives significance to our existence.

In this era of 21st century, it has become a trend to revive the mythological characters and legends in new apprehensive ways to reach out to the present
mindset of the people and make them aware of the legendary epics in an innovative manner.
The mythological beliefs cannot be destroyed just as energy. Thus to compensate for the aggregated knowledge of mythological legends and beliefs in humans. The trend of reinventing the characters in an audience -friendly manner is quite growing in the market.

People rather than reading the book version of this epics are more prone to the television, serials and shows and are also prone to the comic based epics. One such example of recreating and reinventing the mythological beliefs and
legends has been quite admirably done by Karan Acharya- the man behind the creation of vector image of the legendary figure “Angry Hanuman” and
has future plans of recreating “Stoic” Lord Rama.

Stoic represents the moment Lord Rama was defeating Ravana and symbolizes “Victory Of Good Over Evil”.
Karan Acharya has been working as an animation designer. He started his own company of reinventing the art of mythological legends on t- shirts and sells them through his artwork.

Karan Acharya’s Inventions!

Karan Acharya is an artist from bengaluru. He is on the move of reineventing lord Rama too – one with beard
and one without the beard and through his efforts, his company is slowly and steadily gaining great fame and market. He had already released the images of his artwork on social media and has already gained fame and he is of the view of releasing his T-shirt artwork to commemorate the festival of “Ramayana Masam” of Kerala.

The vector image of his “Angry Hanuman” has already received overwhelming responses from the buyers and his company ” Paridhi Media Works” has been completely established and bootstrapped by himself and with his support of his wife and his friends.

Karan is also of the view of releasing similar artwork of Laxman, Sita, etc. His view of angry hanuman has been termed as the attitude of good towards evil. Prime Minister too appreciates his work. He used this in a rally as a symbol. It’s meaningless to say politics has other roles to play and his artwork has already received controversies.

But at last he is of the view that he will recreate more of his artwork. In the mere future he is going to  make them animation- friendly. Soon he is going to create an app with application featuring the comical characters of Hanuman. Flying and climbing mountains to make them more interesting to the readers as well as make them aware of this sort of artwork.

Thus, at last “Comical Artwork” should be appreciated rather than criticizing the artwork and making democracy, be at stake.