Well, Well, now after getting so many boxes of that so-called “meetha besan” (soan papdi) during Diwali, I have come to a point of calling it a synonym to the festival. Don’t you get pissed with having so many useless boxes of this sweet? Okay, I get it that it is an easy and cheap option to go to on Diwali, but guys “soan papdi” seriously?

In fact, I can also conclude that since years unknown, soan papdi has been actually photo bombing our Diwali pictures. All I have to say is, just consider other easy options for Diwali gifts.

I can sense my readers relating to this struggle of mine with the demon- soan papdi. Guys, we live in India, a country that offers hundreds of different types of sweets.

Why not go for “Chena Rasgulla”– yes it is tasty and I will smile at you when you bring me this!

Kaju Katli is always invited

Oh, you can also consider buying “atta peda”- still better than soan papdi though!! Can you sense my frustration with this yellow besan sweet, that I am ready to compromise with Peda???

There are several other options that one can explore before he or she decides to buy this soan papdi which will keep rotting on your dining tables for months and weeks after Diwali. We request our readers to not play this soan papdi game this year because it is something most of us strongly dislike. It is a besan sweet which does not even taste good!

There are other Diwali gifts you can choose this year

If you don’t want to purchase sweets on Diwali because you are health conscious, then we have plenty of other options-

Herbal green tea pack

Yes, these days, people are becoming more fitness conscious. Therefore, buying a pack of herbal green tea will only make you your relative’s/ friend’s favorite this Diwali 2019.

Fruit juices

The next better option for gifting on Diwali other than soan papdi is fruit juices. This is because such fruit juices are mostly sugar-free or contain very less amount of sugar when compared to traditional sweets. It will always make you look elegant- trust me!

Freshly baked cookies from your oven

Are you a person who just loves baking? By this, I also mean to ask you that are you a good baker? If yes, then start baking some delicious cookies and take this cookie jar to your friends and family on Diwali. You will win hearts definitely.

Home-made chocolates

Nothing is better than chocolates which are home-made. I mean who says no to chocolates. You can always experiment with different flavors and shapes of chocolate and put them in a beautiful box. This is surely a far better option than soan papdi.

Herbal incense sticks

Everyone likes to decorate their house on the day of Diwali. Therefore, if you decide to grab some best herbal incense stick set for your gifting on Diwali this year, its the best.

Egg-less cakes

The next best gift idea for Diwali is the egg-less freshly baked cakes. There is no person on his planet who will say no the cake on Diwali.

Ganesh and Laxmi idols

On the auspicious day of Diwali, idols of Lord Ganesh and Laxmi are worshipped. Therefore, the idea of gifting idols to your friends or family will be one of the best and most gentle gesture.

Customized stationery

These days, people of all age groups are actually obsessing over customized stationery such as a decorated diary or personalized pens. Yes, you can thank me later for such brilliant ideas!

Wall clock

If the person is very close to you, then you can always gift him or her the best and stylish wall clock for the house. It will be finally something useful, unlike soan papdi.

Now that you have read all the excellent above-mentioned ideas for the Diwali gift, then you should pledge not to buy soan papdi this year. Let us all make this Diwali a soan papdi free Diwali.