TIK TIK TIK : India’s first space film released this June


INDIA’S film industry has achieved a new milestone


Are you thinking about what?

Then the answer is here

INDIA’S first space film “ TIK TIK TIK “ had released on June 22 2018

Basically, the movie is about  asteroid attack at the Ennore area of Chennai

After few hour’s astronauts found another asteroid of 60km is going to hit India in 7 day so ISRO send Jayam Ravi ( hero of the movie ) to destroy the asteroid and save the earth from this wreak havoc


Tamil actor JAYAM RAVI and actress NIVETHA PETHURAJ have done the leading role in the movie. the movie is completely in Tamil language co-roles in the movie is done by RAMESH THILAK, VINCENT ASHOKAN, ARJUNAN, JAYAPRAKASH, ANATHEMA PATRICK, THIKA SRINIVAS, BALAJI VENUGOPAL, AARAV RAVI, BALAJI AND AARON AZIZ. NIVETHA PETHURAJ is selected in the movie because of her knowledge in martial arts



Music in this movie is done by D.IMMAN and MADHAN KARKY which added extra spices to the movie. D.IMMAN had also given music to  many hit movies like Thodari, Marudhu, Bogan and much more


There are 8 songs in the movie which contains instrumental

  • Tik Tik Tik ( Kurumba )
  • Vinveera vinveera idhu
  • Kurumba ( reprise )
  • Race against time
  • Far beyond earth
  • Tik Tik Tik ( karaoke )
  • Kurumba (karaoke)

Music holds 35:38 minutes in the movie which holds almost 1/4th of the movie


The editing skill of growing editor PRADEEP.E. RAGHAV is portrayed in this film. This film will give a great fame to him

The total duration of vfx scenes in the film is 80 minutes that is about 60% of the whole movie


The film is distributed by SRI THE NADAL FILMS. SRI THE NADAL FILMS STARTED as a small studio in Chennai at 1976 and grown over the past few decades.  SRI THE NADAL FILMS is one of the few successful studios which distributed over 750 films across India.



The movie got a mixed review from the public. overall the review of the movie is good


TIK TIK TIK is a good movie with an overall rating of 3.2 for us. Film outperformed in its genre in Tamil. The second half of the movie is a little bit laggy


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