Top 10 Most Famous people in India according to Forbes



This is the most read business magazine, which lists the names of the richest billionaires annually in the whole world. This magazine is very popular among the citizens of India as well. There are many Indian people listed in the Forbes magazine every year because of their success.

Top 10 Indians to be listed in Forbes: Most Famous People in India

1. Mukesh Ambani

He is among the many famous people in India. Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman of the Reliance Industries with the net worth of about  $40.1 billion. He has also been listed as number 33rd in the Forbes magazine. In the last edition of the Forbes magazine, Ambani has secures a 19th position in the list of people in India. Mukesh Ambani definitely deserves to be on top position in most famous people in India.

2. Azim Premji

Azim Premji is the Chairperson of Wipro and has a net worth of $19 Billion. He is also known as tech-tycoon in the industry. He was also addressed as a big gainer in the Forbes’ list. Azim Premji is one of the richest and most famous people in India.

3. Hinduja Brothers

Srichand and Gopichand Brothers have secured the third spot in the Forbes’ list of most Famous people in India with the total net worth of $18.4 Billion. Another reason to envy these personalities is that they have managed to add $3.2 Billion to their earlier net worth. The Hinduja Brothers were also stated as the richest people in Britain in the year 2017.

4. Lakshmi Mittal

The total net worth of Laxmi Mittal $16.5 Billion is also known as steel-baron of India.  As per Forbes’ Laxmi Mittal was regarded as the fourth richest People in India and he is also the CEO of India’s largest steel making company, ArcelorMittal. He is a very famous personality in India.

5. Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji Mistry of Shapoorji Pallonji Group has become the fifth richest and most famous person. He is one of the best person in the world with the net worth of about $16 Billion. Pallonji is known as the tycoon of the very famous Irish Indian Construction company, Shapoorji Pallonji Group.

6. Godrej Family


With the average net worth of about $14.2 Billion and this family is also known as the business tycoon family in India. They are famous internationally.

7. Shiv Nadar


This famous personality of India is Chairman and founder of the leading HCL group in India. Shiv Nadar is rated as the seventh richest person in India and has a net worth of about $13 Billion. HCL head is one of the most famous people in India.

8. Kumar Birla

Kumar Birla is a very famous personality in India and he is the Chairperson of the very renowned Aditya Birla Groups. His calculated net worth is $12.6 Billion.

9. Dilip Sanghavi

Dilip Sanghavi is the founder of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries. He is the ninth richest Indian and has the net worth of $12.1 billion. He was also awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2016.

10. Gautam Adani


Gautam Adani has a net worth of approximately $11 Billion. He is known as the 10th richest person in India according to the Forbes’ list.