Top Memes of 2017


The best way to socialize and connect with each other in 2017 was through memes. We had a meme for every political event, movie, dress or issue. You can say memed through the year.

friendship memes

We bring to you the trendsetting memes of 2017. 

1. When memes became the way to deal with Trump coming to powertrump in power

2. The iconic ‘Bik Gayi hai Gormint’

Big gayi gormint

3. When saying bhai bhai bhai bhai became the new lingo

Bhai Bhai

4. When Priyanka Chopra’s gown swept us off our feet

Priyanka Swept off

5. Dank Irrfan took over the meme world

Drunk Irfan

6. When Haveli Became the ‘hip’ placeAao Kabhi Haveli Pe

7. When Dhinchak Pooja competed with all the memes

Dinchak Pooja

8. When memes made the possibility of world war 3 funny

North Korea

9. When the Baahubali fever took over us


10. And how we can we forget the expression of the year



11. What about the most annoying AD of the year

Trivago Apes

12. When the level of human stupidity astounds you

Kon hain ye log

13. For all the overconfident people making claims

Over Confident people

14. When Kangana Made a valid point


15. When PM Modi took over the meme world

PM Modi Meme

16. And the nation got offended

That’s how all of us are. Aren’t we? Let’s hope for a meme-blastic 2018.