10 Best Matrimonial Site In India Helping You Find Perfect Soulmate


Marriages in India are really meant to be important for both the bride and groom. Each and every ritual is performed really well and with utter enthusiasm. It is a matter of fact that marriage is a really important thing in everybody’s life. These days the marriage of the bride and groom is fixed by the parents with the help of the best matrimonial site. But the question arises that which site is the best that can help to find the perfect match for the bride/groom.

Here is the list of best matrimonial sites that are can definitely help to find the perfect match-

• Shaadi.com-

It is India’s oldest matchmaking and best matrimonial site. It is really easy to filter every detail according to your preference. The site offers paid as well as free membership that gives different options to match finders.

• Jeevansathi.com-

Jeevansathi is the second most popular matchmaker website in India is Jeevansathi.com. It was launched in the year 1999. They give verified details of the person you meet or you are deciding to meet and prove everything to become the best matrimonial site

• Vivahbandhan.com-

They promise to bond togetherness and the amazing thing is that they are free and best matrimonial site. It also gives too many options to filter and find the correct match that everything becomes easy to choose.

• Vivah.com-

The matrimony site was launched in the year 2002, it is free to use with all the basic features. It is easy to make a profile and contact them in case you face any issue in finding the perfect match. People trust them and find them the best matrimonial site to find your soul mate.

• Bharatmatrimony.com-

They are proven as the world’s trusted and best matrimonial site. They have the best record for organizing the maximum number of marriages online. They have built trust in the people of India by providing the best services.

• Simplymarry.com-

It  belongs to the time’s group of organizations. They offer services such as community and religions based match. It is the best matrimonial site that one can find, they have around millions of profile in their database that can definitely help to find the perfect someone.

• Wmmatrimonial.com-

Search any profile, filter any options according to the religion and match because Wmmatrimonial gives it all to choose. They have 24*7 support because always manage to prove themselves the best matrimonial site. The profiles registered are first verified and then recommended.

• Lifepartner.com-

Want the best matrimonial site? Visit lifepartner.com free and great matrimony sites, they allow people to search for their match as per their requirements and preferences. Registration and listing of a profile on a life partner are absolutely free. Other than that they also offer premium registration offer to access other useful features too.

• Rosebrides.com-

They are one of the matrimonial sites that find matches inside as well as outside India. They are considered to be as the best matrimonial site due to finding matches from various countries. It is an amazing website to look for foreign spouses and matches.

• Matrimonialsinida.com-

The site was founded and launched in the year 1998. Other than all the sites it to has all the important features that a best matrimonial site should have. They have specified and customised options according to your choice. The amazing thing is if you find your perfect match here they arrange all the necessary things for the wedding such as florists, caterers, beauty parlours, etc.