You must be aware that AADHAR is an important identification card issued by the UIDAI for all the citizens of the country. It is used as a recognizable document for all kinds of identification. These days, it is also compulsory to link PAN with AADHAR.

Read out the following facts about AADHAAR cards which you might not be aware of.


  1. Person of any age can enroll for AADHAR once crossing the age of 5. It is important to have an AADHAR card thereafter.
  2. According to the Unique Identification Authority of India, having an AADHAAR for the elderly is as important as for any other young person.
  3. Even the people who have missing biometrics or I’ll defined fingerprints can apply for the AADHAAR. This is so because the UIDAI has provision even for that.
  4. Since the issue of AADHAR requires biometric data, even the people who have eye problems, such as retina damage or cataract can apply for AADHAAR, as told by the UIDAI.
  5. AADHAAR can be issued to a member of a family, even if he/she doesn’t have all the valid documents that are required.
  6. It is only meant to be issued to the citizens of India. None another person can get am AADHAAR card. Not even the NRIs ( Non Residents of India ) and OCIs ( Overseas Citizens of India ).
  7. The UIDAI has made a provision for all the AADHAR cardholders to get a Dow loaded a digital copy of their biometric-based They are advised to delete the original one so as to avoid any kind of misuse.
  8. Linking AADHAAR with PAN card, ITR, NSC, and PPF is important and makes the processes a whole lot easier for the authorities, as well as for the individuals.
  9. You can also link your AADHAR card with your bank account, to ensure better transactions. The Government of India ensures that all your data is safe and secure from any fraudulent activity.
  10. Through the online portal of UIDAI, you can get easy and time convenient service for many of your AADHAAR related inquiries.

So these were some facts about AADHAR UIDAI. Make sure you get your AADHAR linked with PAN, to avail better benefits.