10 Reasons Why Should You Not Let Your Kids Watch Doraemon Cartoon


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Cartoons are  rather an important aspect of a child’s life. They leave an impression the children’s young minds and often give them cognitive patterns and styles to follow. However, there are some cartoons, which damage and corrupt the children under the guise of sweetness. The Doraemon cartoon is apparently a very adorable story about a futuristic cat and his young friend, Nobita, as they go through a lot of things together.

Animated shows like the Doraemon cartoon sugar-coat many problematic behavioral traits to kids.


Gone are the days when cartoons for young kids would have hidden morals or messages in them, or at least have a good story. But Doraemon is actually neither of them. It uses a clichéd storyline, and it promotes some rather disturbing behavior patterns in kids. While the effect is too subtle to be fully seen, yet there are at least 10 solid reasons why your kids should be away from the Doraemon cartoon:

1. It promotes laziness.

Nobita is a lazy kid who doesn’t want to do homework. Now no kid is a big fan of homework but to always display his complaining behavior towards studies and depending on the cat Doraemon to solve all his problems can lead to kids being negatively influenced about studying and school.

Image result for nobita is lazy images2. It shows unhealthy relationship standards

Some of the lines used by Nobita in the Doraemon cartoon his attempts to woo Shizuka are downright creepy and weird. Despite Shizuka giving no indication of liking Nobita beyond friendship, he seems extremely desperate to make her fall for him.

Image result for nobita shizuka images3. Unrealistic expectations

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It makes children believe in a world where all problems can be solved with magic gadgets and there is not much hardship to be faced.

4. Whining and nagging can help you get your way

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The Doraemon cartoon channel has other bad side effects on children too. Nobita always nags and whines to Doraemon and ends up getting his way. It promotes that unreasonable desires will also be met as long as you nag and annoy others.

5. It shows parents in a negative light

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The parents on the Doraemon cartoon never seen to have any work rather than shouting on their kids and forcing them to do homework. This antagonizes the kids against them.

6. Extremely addictive

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Of course, kids will love to watch the Doraemon cartoon movie, but an unhealthy addiction where they lose interest in everything else is very detrimental to their health. They will grow up to be couch potatoes.

7. It shows how bullies are stronger

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The Doraemon cartoon channel shows how bullies are stronger and will hurt you unless you have a magic cat to help you out.

8. Promotes peer pressure

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Most of the time in the Doraemon cartoon movie or in the Doraemon cartoon channel, the cat isn’t in a mood to go along with Nobita’s crazy plans, or they have that one friend who isn’t in for it. However, the rest all use emotional arguments to convince them to get along with a crazy idea.

9. Doesn’t teach independence to kids

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Because the Doraemon cartoon always shows how Nobita’s problems are solved all the time by his cat, he never has to worry about learning to do better for himself, which can be a problematic role model for children.

10. It shows that it’s okay to lie, as long as it’s for adventure

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The characters in the cartoon are constantly lying and making excuses to authority or guardian figures for the “sake of adventure”.

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Thus, the Doraemon cartoon is not the ideal show for kids to watch at an impressionable age. They should be made to feel interested to watch better shows and parents should keep an eye out for any problematic behavior they see. Because when you destroy the poison in the roots, your children will develop to be healthy human beings with no disturbing traits or bad insecurities.

Doraemon:- not as innocent as he seems.