10 Things You Should Avoid in College and Universities

10 Things You Should Avoid in College and Universities

College life always appears to be attractive and tempting. Isn’t it? We all have some plans and curiosities about the college life. But it is not that simple. You must keep a check on certain things that can make your college life a real mess. Here are 10 things that you should avoid in college:

Disrespecting: College life brings together lots of freedom. But this freedom should never be the reason for disrespect. You should never disrespect anyone at your college. Enjoy your freedom but don’t degrade anyone else’s personal or professional space. You should always avoid it in college to disrespect others.


Indiscipline: The next thing that must be avoided in college is indiscipline. You are an adult but that doesn’t give you any right to be indiscipline. As an adult, it is expected that you will handle all your responsibilities in a more focused manner. Maintain your dignity even when in college. Try to refrain from in-disciplinary behavior in college or educational institutions.

Skipping classes: No it’s not cool. No matter how much you think that skipping classes is cool, it’s actually not. You are in college for setting a bright future for yourself and skipping classed will certainly not help in that. You Should Avoid skipping too much of your classes.


Lots of partying: Enjoying with your friends is a general thing that we all do. However, doing that in excess is a bog no even when you are in college. Doing party with your friends is completely fine if you are doing it within the limit.

Fighting: Though, it is the beginning of a whole new life and you obviously would want to be the best from others, but fighting is never acceptable. Avoid being a part of any unnecessary fights. You don’t need fights to prove your strengths.

Following school rules: Still following the same old school rules and regime? It’s time to change. College is completely different from school and thus you should avoid following the same old rules that you followed in school.

Compromising your health: Always remember college life and its accompanied enjoyment should never be the reason for your health compromises. Keep a schedule of exercise along with your parties.

Drug addiction: No matter how much anyone forces you, never ever get indulge in anything related to drugs. Neither it is good for your health nor will it make you any cooler. It will only ruin your future which should definitely be avoided.

Drug Addiction

Messing with teachers: Be it in school or college, messing with your teachers is never acceptable. Being in college doesn’t give you the license of being arrogant with your teachers. It is completely unacceptable.

Cheating: If you are thinking you can easily cheat and pass your college life then you are not on the right track. Cheating in college can lead you to some serious outcomes if caught. You definitely will not want to end your career on a bad note. So, keep saying no to cheating when in college.