5 health problems you can pick up at the office while working


Working is undoubtedly is one of the most important part of an adult’s life. On an average rate, people spend at least 9 precious hours of their day working at their office. Although, office is the place where a person works to earn their living, it is also a place where a person can develop a few health problems.

It can be possibly quoted that “on one hand a person learns to polish his/her abilities and skills, but on the other hand, it can also becomes a place where you inherit health problems.”

One’s work place at times can put your health to risk because of the stressful days for work deadlines, longer working hours, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and fresh air and much more. Today, Talepost brings you the list of 5 health problems one can pick up while working at office.

5 Health Problems a Person can Pick up at Office

1. Constant Backache

Sitting for longer hours in office can take a toll on back. The bones, muscles, tissues and ligaments can be highly affected because of such long sitting habits. Added, the heavy bags of laptops and the documents people carry to their workplace can also prove to be harmful.

In order to keep oneself away from such kind of regular pain in the back, a person should opt for taking short breaks to get up from their seat and walk a little. This will help to keep your back moving and healthy. Last but not the least, the chair one uses for sitting in office should also be comfortable.

2. Headaches

Headaches can be of various kinds. For example there can be headache because a person is stressed, lack of sleep headache, improper diet headache and much more. Sitting in the front of the computer screen for longer hours can prove to be very straining in the eyes which can in turn cause headaches.

If a person is undergoing through work pressure or tension at the work place then suffering from headaches is very common. Often there are situations when people just cannot keep up with the routine of their healthy eating habits, can make the body system less immune and weak.

The only solution for such health problem is to drink lots of water, keep oneself hydrated, enough sleep and rest and eat healthy food.

3. Viral Influenza

Office is a workplace where many people work together. Hence, there are 90% chances of developing communal diseases from one another. The communal diseases can be common cold, cough, viral fever and much more.

In order to escape from such diseases, one should keep themselves protected from a person suffering from such diseases. One should always wash their hands before the consume anything. If eating fruits or salad, one should be sure that their eatables are washed properly.

4. Eating Disorders 

A person’s working place is place where constantly some or the other person is ordering or eating something. When in office, there are chances a person is exposed to having junk and unhealthy food in their daily routine. Doing so, can harm your health in a very serious manner. A person can suffer through stomach infections, developing a stone or even swelling in intestines.

The only way to overcome or prevent such health problems is to cut down on the outside food and adopt healthy food habits. One should include fruits, salad and juices in their daily diet.

5. Gastroenteritis

It is one of the most common problem found in people. This problem is also commonly known as stomach flu. Under this condition a person can suffer through extreme stomach ache and restless in the whole body.

According to the experienced doctors, this can be avoided by again exercising properly, washing hands before eating anything and last but not the least home-cooked food should be the priority.