Top 5 Super Delicious Maggi recipes with Egg at Home

Maggi Racipes

Since many years Maggi has been staple food of every Indian living in hostel, every youth’s 1:00 AM cravings and what not. Maggi is largely popular among people because of its cheap and affordable price, easy and fast method to cook and one can also add his/her personal touch of taste to the dish. We bring you the yummiest combinations of egg and Maggi which will make make all your taste buds swirl in action for all the Maggi and egg lovers.

1. Egg Maggi

This variation of the Maggi with egg is the most basic type and everybody must have tried it at least once in their life. While preparing the Maggi in regular style with adding peas, corns, carrots, onion, etc. , break an egg or two and mix it well till you can smell the yummiest egg Maggi.

2. Egg Bhurji Maggi

The type of Maggi is a bit more tangy and masala filled. One has to make standard egg bhurji with spices according to their taste. After, the bhurji is cooked add the normally cooked boiled Maggi and mix well. Add coriander and colorful veggies to garnish it. Grate cheese on top of the Maggie for more juicy flavor.

3. Half fry egg with Maggi

If you are a fan of half fry poached eggs and Maggi, then this is the best combination of all, you can ever taste. It is very easy to cook, cook the standard Maggie with veggies, ginger and garlic flavor, then serve the Maggi on the dish. After, this place a half-fried egg on top of this. Nothing can be compared to the taste of the Maggi one gets, when the hot, melted yolk flows over the spicy Maggi to balance the spice.

4. Boiled egg and Maggi

Cook the standard Maggi with soup and shift it in a deep bowl. Add one or two pieces if boiled egg to top it over. Add salt and pepper to the boiled egg to make the Maggi taste even better.

5. Maggie and Egg Sandwich

This is the trending and tastiest combination of bread, egg and Maggi. Place fresh cooked slice of omelette on bread slice, then add cooked vegetable masala Maggi and add cheese.  Place the bread in the grill for 2 minutes. Then, the mouth watering Maggi-egg sandwich is ready to be served. Serve these delicious sandwiches with salsa/ tomato/ cheesy dip to enhance its tangy and plain flavors.