6 Amazing Things About College Life

Shifting from school to college is a very tough task. There are a lot of challenges in life. But no doubt college life is the most amazing thing in life.

So here are 6 Amazing Things About College Life are:

1.No Rules and Regulations-

Unlike school, there are no specific rules in college. Because college is meant to be living our lives freely and enjoy to the fullest. “KYUNKI AGAR COLLEGE MAI AAKE ENJOY NAI KIYA TO ZINDAGI MAI KYA KIA”.

2.Bunk The Junk-

Of course, bunking the boring lectures are meant to be like the college rituals. Most of the students come to college to bunk the lectures and make sudden plans to enjoy with friends. Because for them Sitting in the canteen is more fun than attending the boring lectures of the “KHADUS PROFESSORS”.

3.Meeting Crazy People Just Like You-

The best part about college life is having a crazy gang full of crazy people. You can laugh, cry, criticize, bunk and do a lot of amazing stuff together if you have an amazing gang. “BECAUSE of COLLEGE MAI JAKE AGAR PANGE NAHI KRE TO BEST PART  TO MISS KARDIA”

4.No Parent Teacher Meetings-

This is one of the amazing things about college life. In school’s students were scared by the name of PTM’s but after entering college life the word became extinct. “AGAR COLLEGE MAI BHI PTM HOTI TO AJ GHAR NIKALA MIL CHUKA HOTA”

5.No Dress Code-

Once in life it is a dream of every student to enter in college life and dress up according to them, the way they like and they want. There is a sudden change in dressing styling of students, the girls who look not so beautiful in school suddenly become the hottest girls of college and the boys become the handsome hunk.

6.Canteen Ka Adda-

Every group in college have their own Canteen Ka Adda because they spend half of the time in the canteen and making awesome memories. Undoubdetly canteen is the place with a lot of memories to the students “Kyunki Jab Saare Darwaze Band hojate hai To Hamesha Canteen Ka Darwaza Khul Jata Hai!