71st Independence Day for India, are we really independent?


Independence Day 2018 

What is independence? Are we really independent? Do we, Indians, really have achieved freedom in the real sense? Does this question bug you in the same way as it does to me? It’s been 71 years since we achieved freedom but till date, these questions are shouting loud and clear not only in our ears but also in our hearts.

Today, we all are cherishing Independence Day for the love and respect that we have for our nation. Throughout the country, people are seen in high spirits with the celebration of India’s unity. Today, each one of us is feeling proud of the democracy and constitution of India, isn’t it? But, what follows next really scares me.


Even after years of independence, the majority of India’s population represents as an emaciated nation. The problem of poverty and illiteracy is not hidden from any of us. Keeping this aside, India still is struggling with a number of economic issues that still stands in the progress of India as a developed nation.

What really depresses me is the fact that the nation who gave birth to women like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bachendari Pal, Indira Gandhi, etc. have completely forgotten to respect women. The high number of female fetus killing is the clear reflection of the position of women in India. The cases of women harassments, rapes, acid attacks, molestations, etc. are touching the sky. Women are not safe traveling on roads at night whereas men can roam freely at any time. Do we call this freedom?


In the matter of freedom, let us highlight the fact that India is facing these issues after 71 years of Independence. The time when the youth of India should be busy experimenting with things to make India proud, they can be seen lost in the wrong direction. Diverting your attention to the level of education in our country, more than half the population of India is still illiterate. Thanks to the low level of education, the scenarios in the villages are getting worse than the worse with every passing day.

India will not be independent just by celebrating 15th August, but it will bring true independence when all these major issues will be eradicated from their roots. India will be truly independent when all the Indians will get equal rights of living along with the basic needs of living. The nation won’t change unless and until we change.


India will glorify with the power of Independence when all the children will be seen hosting the Indian flags in school, rather than selling them on roads. Today, on the occasion of 15th August, let us all pledge and take an oath that we all will take every effort in making India free from these existing barriers. Let’s really make this day one remarkable change for India that no one in future will ask us, “Are we really independent?