8 Ideas for Ear Piercing: Change your look Instantly

Ear Piercing

With so many different types of ear piercing, it can be a complicated task to choose the kind of piercing you want. Different types of piercing come with varying intensity of pain, aftercare procedures and healing time. Not everyone experiences the same pain and one can only know the intensity of pain after they have got one.

Piercings have always been in fashion for decades and are very addictive because it offers a lot of choices at your end so that you have looked different from the crowd. This article will take you through some of the most trending categories of ear piercing with their names. The below-listed piercings can give you a changed look and a different personality.

1. Helix Piercing

These piercings are also called cartilage ear piercing located along the upper ear. This piercing is done using a small needle and often does not accompany any pain as there are no nerve endings in this area.


2. Conch Piercing

The name Conch is taken from the part of the ear which resembles to Conch shells found commonly on the ocean coats.

Lobe Piercing

3. Daith Piercing

This beautiful, eye-striking ear piercing is done in the innermost cartilage fold of the ear and can be a difficult task to get one. Of one of the coolest fact about Daith piercing is that this piercing is that, this piercing is often credited as a potential remedy for migraines.

4. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse Love piercing is a new upgrade to an old classic piercing. This piercing highly depends upon the shape and size of your earlobe.

5. Tragus Piercing

The part right in front of your ear canal is called Tragus. This piercing can give you a tough time depending upon the thickness and size of your tragus.

6. Snug Piercing

The snug piercing is one of the most distinguished ear piercing and is in the inner ear cartilage area just above the anti-tragus. Being a shallow location, one has to opt for micro jewelry.

7. Lobe Piercing

It is perhaps the most popular and common type of piercing in this world. In India, in most of the cases, the first piercing is the lobe piercing and it requires less time to heal as compared to other piercings.

8. Industrial Piercing

There is nothing that can match the coolness and trendy style of Industrial piercing. Most of the people admire this piercing but have to gather lot of guts to get this one as it needs two piercing holes on one ear.