9 times Aishwarya Rai pulled off awkward beauty looks


Aishwarya, known for her beauty all over the world and considered the most beautiful woman in the world. She looks gorgeous in nearly every look. Her skills complement her beauty beautifully. Sometimes it’s hard for a celeb to Dress a combination of a good taste. Here is the list of events when Aishwarya pulled off an awkward beauty looks-

  1. Blush made too odd

The blush looks beautiful and is meant to look natural and pleasing. It makes your cheeks a glow and gives enhanced the look. Aish’s blush was once a disaster to her looks. This case flashes back to the time in 2003, Aish’s heavily applied blush was not a thing to appreciate. It looked odd.

2. Mauve colour -not an option always

It seems that Aishwarya is very fond of pale purple. This colour kind of look dull. She is seen wearing this mauve lipstick most of the time. In many occasions, this lipstick seems to lock her looks. This shade makes the teeth’s look pale and yellow and doesn’t add charm to the look.

3. Chignon made it go wrong

Aishwarya looked stunning in this attire. Everyone there appreciated hers lips’s bright pink shade. It looked gorgeous on behalf of her as she makes her move out of pale, nude colours. But her hair got her stuck, too tightly tucked up that it didn’t look good.  It also gave a feeling that the hairstyle was a trouble to her too.

4. Red carpet look – the one with the awkward hairstyle

Some looks get no appreciation at all, though they are good. Occasion plays an important role in blooming of your looks. Honestly, her hairstyle was over for her dress up. The hairstyle was a contrast to the red carpet look.

5. Painted the lips violet

It’s not always a good approach though you experimented it. Generally, people like bold colours, a Violet over nude colours. This colour looked as it was painted on her and as time passed it became worst. This fashion was not at all right. Violet lipstick kind of felt like paint that dried, having cracks. Smoky eye makeup didn’t complement each other.

6. A dated look

Aishwarya, many times seen in Delhi dated looks. It’s not a problem with her style or the Delhi looks, but this look is kind of old and out-dated for Aishwarya. It is a 2002 look, puff hairstyle that should not be one of her choices.

7. Eyebrows should also get the same attention

At one point in time, she too suffered from eyebrows imbalance. Somewhere over plucked, somewhere nearly disappeared, it looked odd. She had a rough time going through this.

8. Cannes debut

The most beautiful woman on the Cannes debut looked like a goddess. She wore s golden Sari and accessorized herself with golden jewellery that looked just wow on her. She complemented this look with a lipstick of colour somewhat like cough syrup. Here the colour of the sari fades her beauty.

9. Hairdo again

Hairs again messed up her entire look and it looked odd. She did a messy bun, flicks and looked over with a complement jewellery. Also, She faced criticism for her pregnancy weight gain.

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