All You Need to Know About India’s first female doctor Anandi Gopal Joshi

Anandi Gopal Joshi

You all must have heard about Anandibai Joshi at least once in your life as she is the first female doctor of India. She is a real source of motivation for us and for all of the following ages after us. Her mind-blowing life story is of no comparison. Anandi Gopal Joshi taught everyone how to deal with the immense hardships that the life offers. We are here to portray her magical journey of becoming the first female medical graduate of India.  We are sure that her story will leave the everlasting impact on your hearts. So here it goes

Anandi Gopal Joshi

Her birth

The Yamuna took her birth on March 31, 1965. You must be wondering about whom we are talking then let us tell you that Yamuna was the name she got from parents but after her marriage, her husband has her name Anandi. Her full name was Anandibai  Gopalrao Joshi she was born in Kalyan which was the part of Bombay Presidency which is presently known as Thane belongs from Mumbai Maharashtra.

Her early life

Anandi belonged to a family of landlords at the time of British Rule. Her family had a stable financial background until they faced the rigid tax scheme of the British Government. Her family came under the clinched of several troubles. Due to lack of financial resources, her parents decided to let her marry at an early age of 9 years.

Her Marriage

As we already told you that she got married at the early age of just 9 years because it was prevailed in the social system by that time that every girl was supposed to get married at the very beginning of her life. When she tied her knot her husband was of 30 years. Her husband name was Gopalrao Joshi and he was a widower. Gopalrao Joshi was a postal clerk. Luckily he was a strong believer of girls in higher education. Anandi gave birth to his first child when she was of fourteen years but unfortunately, her baby died just 10 years later. The death of her kid affected her badly and proved to be a turning point in her life as she decided to be a doctor in future right after this incident happened.

Her story

Her husband showed a major support to Anandi’s will of becoming a physician. He managed to get her admitted to the medical college of the United States. She completed her degree but soon diagnosed with Tuberculosis. She designated as the head of the physician at the Albert Edward Hospital in one of the states of Maharashtra. But soon due to her bleak fate she took her last breathe on February 26, 1887, when she was of 22 years. She left the world in deep shock.

Undoubtedly she redefined the concept of superwoman. Anandi made all of us proud of her incredible yet inspiring story of becoming the first female doctor of India.