Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Exchanged Some Vows to Stay With Each Other Forever


Do you know the most popular PK girl? Yes, it is all about the popular Anushka Sharma who performed very well in the movie, PK. You may have obviously, heard numerous Bollywood Trolls over the internet and other social media apps as well but you may not hear about the Anushka Sharma revealing about her personal life. She is an actress who is always preferred for keeping her personal life to be private but yes, her rumored boyfriend, the most famous and successful cricketer, Virat Kohli has never denied of sharing his personal life with the media. She has never shied of expressing his intense love with her girlfriend, Anushka Sharma.

Have you seen his Valentine’s Day post on Instagram? If no, then you must have a look at the same so as to make an idea about his love towards her girl. Her girl may get shied while expressing her love towards him but Virat doesn’t. Have you watched their latest TVC? The couple is performing as a bride and a groom at a wedding where they are entitled as the “much-loved” couple. They both appeared very beautifully in the video by making it more adorable with the intense love and comfort in their eyes for each other.

It this enough? Not at all, there is something more, Anushka made a condition with Virat that he will win in the carom games with him but not every time. Virat showed his love with Anushka once again by agreeing with her on this condition. He promised her to win the carom only a fewer times and never watch the TV Season Finales’ without Anushka. This is one of the cutest promises that someone can make with her girlfriend. This can make anyone impressed. He also promised her to stay with her always by having loads of love in his eyes. This is the statement on which Anushka replied as “Nahi bhi karoge toh chalega”.

If you are considering Anushka as a common girl like others who always love to be called with the names such as baby, shone, etc., then no, you are wrong as he requested Virat not to call her with these sticky names. You can also come to know about the famous name by which the couple is being called by their most beloved fans, yes, it is all about the name, Virushka. It is all about an ad in which Virat pretends to be a groom and he promised her girl to cook her favorite food for 15 days in a month and the Sultan actor gets her girl ready to taste the food without making any complaints.

Let’s talk about another vow which comes from the bubbly girl, Anushka Sharma who warned Virat that she will keep all her passwords being protected on which Virat made a promise to never ever dare to change her. He claimed that he will always love Anushka as she is in reality. Don’t you think it is damn cute? If you are thinking that she has revealed about her relationship then no, she has not yet admitted the same with the cricketer, Virat Kohli. The popular couple had already revealed about their ad shooting earlier and it has been released now.

All Virushka fans are eagerly waiting for their wedding bells and this is the ad where they two are attending a wedding. They made all the possible or assumed vows to be real for their true and loyal relationship in reality. You must not miss the last vow when Virat looked at her very seriously with loads of love in his eyes and making her a promise to take care of her always and Anushka smiled very cutely. You can never deny the amazing and one of the strongest chemistry the couple has in their relationship, it is all brilliant and effortless. You may have seen this as the very first advertisement in which they both have starred at each other with the pure love.

You can also see the couple in the ad of a Clear Shampoo earlier before this one. Finally, it was the time when Anushka decided to claim her real love for her cricketer smarty in an adorable way and she did not claim it but also completed her claim in this TVC while attending a wedding as a brilliant couple. You will surely get curious to watch this TVC video on seeing their amazing photographs over the internet. This TVC video was launched on Friday. The couple has also revealed some of their photographs on the Social Media from their latest ad.

Any of their fans can get fallen in love with this couple once more. Don’t you love Virat in the ethical maroon kurta? Don’t you have watched their photographs yet? You will also love Anushka in her new avatar where she was wearing a beautifully embroidered red colored lehenga with an orange dupatta. The entire video was directed by Abhishek Varma so as to reveal their real and reel life chemistry.

If you have not yet watched this latest TVC ad then don’t make it too late., Just have some fun and excitement by watching this amazing ad where you can feel the deep love between the two which is totally pure and effortless. There are no possible selfish reasons in between their relationship as they both are in a deep love with each other. You can easily depict their strong chemistry by the vows being exchanged between the two during this ad shoot. Don’t miss this amazing chance to watch your favorite couple on the big screen, sharing their pure love with each other without getting feared or nervous or feeling shy as Anushka may have done always but not this time.

If you really love the couple then, just get ready to watch their ad shoot to add some more spice into your relationship as well just like your favorite couple!