Best Tips to Prepare for UPSC Exam


Are you preparing for the UPSC exam? Yes? It is one of the toughest competitive exams, right? You just need to study very hard but numerous students are just confused while they start their preparations. A number of students are confused about the best strategy to be adopted to prepare for such an exam. What is the best strategy to crack the UPSC exam? No strategy is best, a student must not run behind getting the topper’s strategy as every student has his own skills and mind and thus, he may prepare his own strategy accordingly. You must also prepare your own strategy by just keeping some important things in your mind and these tips are-

Never Delay- If you have the determination to crack the exam then don’t delay your preparation ever. Your present can only provide you the sweet fruits but depend on your tomorrow may lead you backward from this fastest running race. You must strictly follow your timetable to prepare well.

Think smartly and Write quickly- Candidates have to write a lot in the CSAT Paper II and thus, you must require a lot of practice which you can do by joining the mock test series or solving previous year question papers. You will be provided a limited time to write your answers and thus, you must start thinking wisely and have a habit to write quickly to complete your paper on time.

Increase your speed and accuracy- If you have decided to run in this fastest race then you must also stay updated with your speed and accuracy which play a vital role in clearing this toughest exam. You must have a good speed to solve the trickiest questions which can be done only by solving a lot of question papers.

Spice up your skills- Doesn’t matter, how many times you have solved a single question paper, and solving the same paper again and again will surely add some spice to your skills. Your every attempt will make you realize your mistakes or exactly where you may lack.

Use your common sense- You may have to answer very common questions in the interview where you just have to use your common sense. Students often get nervous during their interview but it is not the appropriate way to attempt your interview. As a candidate, you must be innovative and quite good at solving problems.

Always keep your min positive- You must be confident having a positive mind as numerous students are there who can’t complete their syllabus as it is too vast. What you have to do is to revise what you have completed; revising the same things, again and again, will generate the positive thoughts in your mind that you have enough knowledge of some certain sections, right.

These are some of the best and effective tips to prepare for your UPSC exam without getting afraid of your failures. Just don’t focus on what people are saying as this may demoralize you. Just brush up your preparation with such tips and crack your exam at the earliest!!!