Travel on the Best Top 10 Fastest Trains in India 2018

Fastest trains in India

Are you a travel enthusiast and looking for the fast travel options in the country, here we will take you through the top 10 fastest trains in India to make your journey more speedy.

India is on the fastest route of its development in technology and other spheres, India has managed to come up with the numerous fastest trains to make the life of the passengers very convenient and hassle-free. We bring you the close look to the Top 10 fastest trains of India.


Top 10 Fastest Trains in India Running on Various Routes

1. Gatimaan Express 12050 (New Delhi-Agra)

Just added into top fastest trains in India list, this semi-high speed train which connects Delhi-Agra in the duration of just 100 minutes by running at the top speed of 160 km/hr. It has many passengers traveling to two major tourists’ destinations of India- Delhi, and Agra.

2. Bhopal Shatabdi (New Delhi- Bhopal)

The Bhopal Shatabdi is known as the fastest train in India with the speed of 155 km/hr. It operates on the stretch between New Delhi-Agra. New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express is connected to metro and other major tourist cities like New Delhi, Gwalior and Bhopal for pilgrimage, business and many others. It is still one of the fastest trains in India even after semi-high speed trains introduced in country.

3. Rajdhani Express (Mumbai-New Delhi

This is one of the fastest trains in India and implied on the route between Mumbai and Delhi. Rajdhani train is also known for its repeated serving of food for its passengers throughout its journey. The luxurious journey of Rajdhani Express trains also makes it speed to stand among one of the fastest trains in India.

4. Sealdah Duronto (Sealdah-New Delhi)

New Delhi Duronto Express is one of the fastest trains train of the Duronto Express. It runs between Sealdah and New Delhi. Duronto Express trains are long-distance and nonstop trains in the country. Sealdah Duronto Express is the first ever Duronto Express by the Indian Railways and it is since then making the lives of the passengers very easy.

5. Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi (New Delhi-Kanpur)

This one of the fastest trains in India is another  Shatabdi express for the Kanpur central  Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi Express. This fastest train of India is known as the reverse trains because it follows the reverse schedule of Lucknow Shatabdi Express.

6. Howrah Rajdhani (New Delhi-Howrah)

This is the first ever fastest  Rajdhani train run by the Indian government and also the first fully air-conditioned train.

7. Allahabad Duronto Express (New Delhi-Allahabad)


The Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Allahabad Duronto Express train is one of the fastest trains running between Mumbai and Allahabad. It is one of the superfast express trains of the Indian Railways for Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Allahabad Junction. Allahabad Duranto is also a fully AC train and it uses refurbished Rajdhani Express Coaches.

8. Sealdah Rajdhani Express (Sealdah-New Delhi)

The Sealdah Rajdhani Express connects Sealdah station of Kolkata to Delhi and is one of the second fastest train on the Sealdah-Delhi sector after Sealdah Duronto Express.

9. Garib Rath (Nizamuddin–Bandra)

Mumbai Bandra T-Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express is one of the fastest trains of India. It runs between Bandra Terminus and Hazrat Nizamuddin. The Garib Rath Express is the 2nd fastest train with a top speed of 81.15 km/hr.

10. Howrah Duronto (New Delhi-Howrah)

The Howrah-New Delhi Duronto Express is also known as Kolkata Duronto Express and is a very prominent train of India.