Brace yourself up Football fans! FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Russia

fifa worldcup 2018

8 Groups, 32 Teams and 64 Matches, FIFA World Cup 2018 is here! Along with the players of 32 countries, hopes of millions of supporters also play. Every football fan on this planet connects them to the Cup Of Joy. So get ready Football devotees and cheer up your favourite team. Grab your notebook and note down the FIFA World Cup 2018 details, teams, venues and match dates and mark your calendars accordingly.


About the official Mascot:

Zabivaka, the wolf is the official mascot of FIFA World Cup 2018. The one who radiates fun, charm and confident means “the one who scores”. The wolf will play a very important role this time, it will not only cheer the event and entertain the crowd but it has also become an ambassador for Russia and is one of the notable panjandrums around the world. The name for this mascot has been selected after the most engaging process in the FIFA World Cup history. The wolf wears red shorts and a blue and white T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Russia 2018”.


The host country:


The 21st FIFA World Cup is hosted by Russia this time. The country was awarded hosting rights on 2 December 2010. This is the first World Cup to be held in Eastern Europe. All of the stadium venues are in Western Europe to keep travel time manageable. Undoubtedly, Russia will offer international spectators, athletes and officials the most possible dynamic experience of FIFA World Cup with rich and varied geography and diverse cultures.


The Trophy:



It’s tempting to think that the 37centimetres and 6 kilograms, the trophy is solid gold, which would make it worth about a quarter of a million dollars. If it were pure gold, however, it would be impossible to pick up by the victors with one hand. However, the statue is worth much than the melt value. Earlier in 1971, it was created for $50,000 but today it’s worth is around $10 million.



Football is universally loved and enthusiastically played year-round by every team. Each team seeks to make its country proud by winning the prestigious trophy. The 32 teams are all set to give a tough competition. The list of all the teams who qualified for FIFA World Cup 2018 are Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria ,Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia ,Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea, Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England, France, Australia, Peru, Denmark ,Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Iran.




Date And Venue:


The champions of football are all set to play and make history on the football grounds but are you? Are you ready to cheer up and fill them with energy? Take your time out of the busy routine and roar for your country. From 14 June to 15 July, the grounds will be fully packed. You can watch the game live from a stadium seat through hospitality package as well as a range of other benefits also come with it like food and beverages and a commemorative gift – ensuring a truly superb experience.


Thank us later for providing the entire information. Pack your schedule from 14 June to 15 July and support your favourite team, the Football Fever must be ON! The biggest fest of FIFA World Cup is here, enjoy and experience the enthusiastic and exciting season of all!


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