Top 10 Best Frozen Food Brands in India


Best Frozen Food Brands in India

Frozen foods are loved by Indians as much as they are anywhere else in the world. With the changing times and changes in the work culture, eating habits and patterns are also being changed. To have foods ready in the refrigerator without having to cook everything from scratch is a boon to many who are always short on time juggling between duties of the household and work. Ready in minutes, and loved by all, frozen foods have set a niche for themselves in the Indian markets and the mothers love it as much as the kids. Frozen Food Industries in India has witnessed a steep rise in the type of response from consumers across the country. Top 10 best Frozen food companies in India are as follows:



McCain is a brand synonym with French fries due to being the largest producer of French fries along with some delicious and unique potato recipes. McCann is alos in the best frozen food brands in India too. The company specially caters to the tastes of Indians and has options like mini samosa and aloo tikki along with potato wedges, masala fries, nuggets and many more.


Forstar Frozen Foods Private Limited

forstar frozen food

This brand is known to be the largest seller of seafood across the country. With extremely high standards and no compromise on quality, Forestar has a wide range of ready to eat and frozen seafood items like fish curries, rice meals, seafood soups, cuttlefish, squid, octopus, pomfrets, ribbon fish, croaker, and kingfish. They are imported by other countries for sale in due to its supreme quality and mouthwatering taste.



Kohinoor frozen food

A brand which is best suited for the local Indian taste, Kohinoor offers a variety of ready to eat mouth-watering delicacies under four categories of snacks, rice items, curries, and bhajis. Kohinoor best known for selling rice across the country has marked its presence with an array of ready to eat food items.




MTR is an extremely popular brand for selling south Indian ready to eat food items. The food items are nutritious and can be easily consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Frozen idlis and vadas with sambhar and chutney are some of the most consumed frozen items. MTR is one of the best Frozen Food Brands in India

 Petonia Foods Private Limited


With an option of frozen vegetables, express vegetables, frozen fruits, instant foods, chapattis, parathas and sweet dishes, Petonia is a brand which is known for its variety. Serving canned food items along with the ready to eat options, Petonia has marked its presence in the frozen foods industry.


Sterling Foods

Sterling Foods

The international marine seafood under Indian corporation is administered by this company. The company maintains high standards to produce healthy and hygienic seafood packages. Yacht and David are the two famous brands under the company which is loved locally as well as in other countries. With its supreme export quality, the brand is ruling across a number of countries in the world.




Amul being the oldest dairy manufacturer in India ventured into the frozen foods market in September 2017. With its exotic French fries and aloo tikki Amul stands among some age-old brands best selling frozen foods.




ITC has set its foot in the frozen food industry with prawns. The ITC company is also coming among the Best Frozen Food Brands in India. The quality and high standards of this brand give a neck throat competition to the competing brands. This new entrant is a tough competitor to other FMCG Companies.


Ovobel Foods


Ovobel offers a range of frozen eggs in the frozen food category. Their main products are the egg white powder, pasteurized chicken egg albumen, frozen chicken Egg Yolk, chicken Whole Egg, Hen Egg Albumen, hip, and gels. The products are of export quality and have set a place themselves with high credibility. The products are great in gaining muscle along with for the ones who are affected with cirrhosis of level.


HAK Agro Foods


This brand mainly focuses on supplying nutritious food products like frozen fruit puree, frozen mango pulp, frozen totapuri pulp, frozen strawberry pulp, frozen sweet corn, sweet corn on the cob, peas shelled corn etc. These are some of the fine quality products sold in stores across numerous countries. Frozen Food products are extremely loved by over a million consumers.

Here we covered the Best Frozen Food Brands in India, please share your comments if you liked it or not?

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