Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid in Your Diet

Food is an absolute essential for life and health. But at times, we need to be extra careful while selecting the eatables that reach our pantry. With the less and less availability of food items that are pure and safe to eat. You need to keep a careful check on what all you eat. Not only you need to sift through the right food to include in your diet. But you also need to avoid certain food items. Well, not everything in your diet is cancerous. But there are several food items that we consume on a daily basis that might lead to malignant tumours. Later developing into cancer. Here is a list of cancer-causing food items that you need to avoid. If not cut down on it totally. Take a close look at these cancer causing foods. You might be consuming them on a daily basis, without even realize the repercussions.
  • Packaged popcorn/ microwave popcorn 

One of the most harmful cancer causing foods on the list is packaged popcorn which is microwave ready. All you need to do is, just pour the contents of the packet into a microwave safe container and set it on a required temperature for a few minutes. It is a fast and easy snack option. Saves your time and prevents hunger. Also, all of us love popcorns while binge watching our favourite Netflix series or movies. Popcorns easily go with soft drinks and coffee as well. Popcorns are a flexible snack choice but hardly do we realize how harmful they can be in the long run. The bag that contains this ready to eat a snack, is full of preservatives, that makes it last longer.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol can cause serious damages to our reproductive and digestive systems. They might lead to problems like pancreatic cancers. Alcohol is one of leading cancer causing foods. Imagine what all tough chemicals alcohol is brushed with, that makes them last longer. Many of these eatables have a life of 6 months or so, and once opened, they can be utilized in two to three days.  Even packaged milk and juice and other beverages that are presented to us in glossy tetra packs are not essentially 100 % pure and worth consuming.

  • Soft drinks and carbonated drinks

We often ignore the fact that the most frequent food item in our daily diet, is excessively damaging and can cause more harm than we can possibly imagine. Not only do these soft drinks and cold drinks contain artificial sweeteners, but they also contain added preservatives and toxic chemicals, that lend them a tinge taste, which we all are a fan of. We almost consume them without skipping a day.

  • Soda

They are easily affordable and easily available as well. Hence, we do not even consider the fact, that they can be dangerous. We simply grab a bottle of cold drink, pop the cap and relish it, thinking it will quench our thirst. These drinks contain substances and solutions that acidify our body and help the cancerous tumours grow. Also, they are filled with high fructose corn syrup, which has absolutely no nutritional value. To top it all, they also contain artificial colours, which eat up the lining of our pancreas.

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They are closely identified with cancer-causing food items. So, the next time your mischievous taste buds, lead you to another can or bottle of soft drink, think more than twice. Also, soda water and another such mocktail that have some amount of soda in them, are equally harmful to your body.

  • Hydrogenated oil

More harmful than anything else at all, oils that have undergone the process of hydrogenation, are nothing else but lethal poisons. They alter the normal functioning of our body cells and are deadly cancer causing foods. Also, they lead to the deposition of fats in our cellular tissues. Hydrogenated oils have been scientifically proven, to be directly related to cancer of several types.

  • Red Meat 

Red meat is one of leading cancer causing foods which increases our body’s susceptibility to developing these cancer cells pretty easily. Our cell membranes deposit these oils and the body systems can hardly get rid of this. They accumulate over time, and for neutralizing that- the body has to put in a lot of effort in breaking it down into simpler molecules. Another of the food items that can be listed among top cancer causing foods.

  • Potato chips 

One of our most loved eatables, potato chips are loathed by none and loved by all. Potato chips make for an effective and quick snack with almost every type of beverage. We have become so conditioned to them that we do not even feel the need to consider, how healthy are these eatables actually, for us. We keep on consuming them almost on a regular basis. Over a period of time, the starch and oils from such products, accumulate in our body, which might take a lifetime to neutralize. Such cancer causing foods should definitely be avoided.

  • French Fries

Hydrogenated oils and french fries are intricately connected. They go hand in hand. Hence avoiding one would save us from the potential harm of the other as well. Also, the high amount of salt that goes into the processing of such food items, will add up to your health issues, causing high blood pressure. Their calorie content is excessively high and is deadly cancer causing foods. They lead to weight issues as well. Analyzing them closely, they do not lead to even one single health benefit. It is time we cut down on such eatables. We need to reconsider the option of including such cancer-causing food items in the list of foods we love eating.

  • Refined sugars

Another addition to the list of cancer causing foods in the form of food is sugar that is refined. We almost consume sugar in our day to day activity. Sugar is added to tea, coffee, sweetmeats and several other products that we consume throughout the day. The refined sugar may be in the form of white sugar and brown sugar as well. You need to severely cut down on such forms of sugar. They are synthetically processed and can cause potential damage to your health. Such sugars lead to increased level of blood sugar and this, in turn, hampers your health in several other respects.

  • Smoked and Barbeque eatables 

All the charred, smoked and greased products are made, using a lot of oil. Also, they are more than often grilled, which makes it even more harmful. The processing of such foods involves a large concentration of oils and this results in the release of heterocyclic aromatic amines, which leads to the growth, and often the development of cancer-causing cells. This entire range of grilled food, which we love to bits, is a slow and subtle form of death. We should avoid the consumption of such cancer causing foods and rather allow such things to be a part of our festive dishes. Once in while oily and greasy stuff is acceptable, but when this becomes a frequent diet pattern, it only ends up hampering your health in the longer run.

Cancer can be a very physically and mentally challenging issue. Hence, a little care and a vigilant attitude towards what you eat and drink can help you stay healthier than usual. This will also prevent the array of diseases that await you. You can switch up unhealthy cancer causing foods like the above-mentioned eatables, with healthier options like brown bread, brown rice, multi-grain wheat etc. all you need to do is unleash some creativity into making something lip-smacking, with the healthier products. Also, you need to ensure that a lot of fruits, water, and other dietary roughage and fibrous vegetables, are included in your daily eating pattern.