Chinese Man compensated with 4.7 Crore for Being Wrongly Jailed


All this while, we have always thanked the legal justice of all the countries as they ensure proper justice for everyone. But, a Chinese Man has some bitter experiences to share in terms of legal authorities of China.

Chinese man wrongly jailed for 25 years

Liu Zhonglin, now 50 years old was jailed in China for a murder which was not committed by him. He was 22 years of age when he was arrested. This Chinese man was taken into custody for allegedly murdering an 18-year-old woman and her dead body was found in Huimin village in Dongliao county, Jilin.

He was arrested in October 1990 as he was proved to be guilty by the legal authorities and had been sentenced to death for killing Zheng Dianrong. In past also, during his prison term, many appeals were made by his concerned family and friends as he was not guilty. Gradually his death sentence was shifted to lifetime prison.

Under the records of China, this Chinese man has served the longest of the wrongful prison. He has served 9,217 days in the prison. The government has decided to pay him 500 yuan for each day of his in the jail. The jail officials had reported, Liu Zhonglin also maintained his decorum and innocence throughout his term as a prisoner.

He was finally freed in April 2018 under the section of “insufficient evidence” against him.


Liu Zhonglin

“he has already been deprived of his best days”.