East India flood


East India flood

The heavy rainfall in Eastern India has worsened the flood situation leaving lakhs of people displaced in the place of Assam, Bihar and few other districts. There has been declared a red colour warning from The India Meteorological Department (IMD). 24 people have already lost their lives and last scale damage has been reported in districts of Sheohar, East Champaran, Purnea, Darbhanga and Kishanganj. The Water Resources Department has given a warning about the overflow of five rivers -Bagmati, Kamla Balan, Lalbakeya, Adhwara and Mahananda above their danger levels. Most of the Rivers in Brahmaputra and Baraka Basin is being a cause of arising flood situation in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal. 

Government as helping hands-

26 teams of National Disaster Response Force and the State Disaster Response Force along with 796 personnel have been deployed in these areas for rescue operations. The army troops and NDRF teams to distribute food and other important materials. The teams are trying their best to rescue local people and save their life by rescuing them to a safe place. Many people are still abandoned in some places, fighting from their lives. The flood has resulted in submerge of 33 districts and the collapse of road connectivities in Assam. There is no other option left other than the city to be shut down.

The locally affected people-

This trouble has caused great impact on farmers because of the destruction of crops which has worsened their situation. According to the state government, they are trying hard to raise their helping hands in every district and has accepted help from many other countries to solve the issue. Many people and other states have contributed fund reliefs for steady recovery of people. The issue has become the reason of death for may persons. The daily life of local people has become tough and the flood has caused scarcity of food.  The local people had to bear a huge loss and massive destruction. Their house items are poorly damaged and the schools and offices had to be shut down as the people are unaware to move from one place to another. There is water all over but still, people are facing issues with the shortage of clean drinking water. Not only humans but animals are also badly affected due to the flood. People have lost their valuable things like car and other vehicles in the drowning water. The airports and railways are shattered leaving no way to escape out of the town. The heavy rainfall is expected to continue in the next 24 hours and then will decrease gradually.