Easy Tips to Save More of Your Salary This New Year 2019


Saving Salary is one thing that every person aspires to do. Money saving has proved to be one of the most difficult tasks for everyone. A person sometimes has to put in more efforts in order to save their salary when they have just started and it’s absolutely very less.

In this blog, we don’t demand you to deprive yourself of all your desires of shopping and eating. Just Stick to the easy steps mentioned below and excel the art of saving.

10 Most Easy Tips to Save Your Salary

1. Eat home-made breakfast every day

Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning can definitely help you to save a lot of money. Wondering how??? Eating a healthy and filling breakfast in the morning before leaving for work will keep you filled for a longer time. Thus, you can avoid spending your money on ordering food.

2. Quit your bad habits

Quitting habits which make you spend your money recklessly always result in saving more money. A habit which is not good for your health and makes you spend a lot of money is good enough to be left. In case, if you don’t want to quit the same, then you should strive towards keeping control of such activities.

3. Carry your lunch

Carry lunch from your home, is always the most economical and healthy way of living. This practice on daily basis keeps you away from indulging yourself into junk and unhealthy food habits. You may be not noticing it, but you must be spending a good amount of money on ordering food.

4. Take a walk instead

Always opt to walk for new minutes if the distance is not long enough. By doing this you can also avoid the costly affairs of taxis and public transports. This decision will also help you to keep a check on your health.

5. Focus on buying quality clothes


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The main focus should not be buying quantity clothes but opting for quality clothes. The reason behind this is the fact that quality clothes come in good and long-lasting fabrics. This will directly result in you saving your money by buying clothes which will last longer. Hence, eliminating your need for frequent shopping.

6. Maintain a piggy bank

Piggy bank with money isolated on white background


You should make a vow immediately to never ever take money from the piggy bank until it is the case of emergency. By maintaining a piggy bank, one should also refrain himself/herself from using that money to spend on your favourite movie or buying the jacket you always wanted to.

7. Opening a recurring deposit account 

Planning a recurring deposit is the best step one can take towards saving some amount of money from your salary. You can arrange for the fixed amount which will automatically be deducted from your salary.

8. Set a limit for your monthly expenditure

Once you will start setting up a limit for your monthly expenditure, then you will clinch away before spending the money after you have crossed to limit. Your motto for this year should be to spend only as much as your pocket allows, rather than thinking how others would judge you.