Enough is enough, we’ve to take a stand: Vidya supports Pak artists ban


We assume nobody in India is unaware of the merciless Pulwama, Kashmir attack on our Indian soldiers. Many innocent lives of our soldiers were taken just to satisfy the rage of Pakistan. After this attack, most of the citizens of India and from other parts of the world stood against such outrages. Upon this many celebrities from the industry took to various social media platforms, interviews and talk shows expressed their anger.

In one of the interviews the very talented and known actresses of Bollywood, Vidya Balan said;

There is no better way to bring people closer than arts, but post Phulwama attack, tough calls have to be taken.

While the star was attending one of the radio shows, Dhun Badal Ke Dekho, She was asked for her comments of the ban of Pakistani artists in India. She said;
“Though I have always believed that art should be kept away from all boundaries and politics, I think we have to take a stand now. Enough is enough”.

Pulwama Attack, Kashmir

This Phulwama attack was the second on the record of the deadliest attacks in India. The earlier one was in the year 1989. This time, through the sources it was known, it was a suicide bomber who was driving in an SUV. His car was filled with explosives. He ran the car into the CRPF bus travelling in the Pulwama district of Kashmir on 14 February. This attack killed 40 soldiers who were returning to their camps after spending their family holidays.

It was later found out that the terrorist names, Jaish-e-Mohammed took the responsibility of the attack.

Vidya Balan also said;

As an individual, I believe that there is no better way to bring people together than arts, be it music, poetry, dance, theatre, cinema or any other art form. But this time I think we should just take a break from this practice and see what can be done for the future, As I said, some tough calls have to be taken at some point.”

It is just not Vidya Balan taking a stand for the ban of Pak artists but other faces of Bollywood. They are Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Vicky Kaushal, Priyanka Chopra and several others.

Talepost prays for the soldiers who died protecting the mother nation, India. We also pray for their families who suffered.