FaceApp Privacy Issue: Are You Ready to Compromise Personal Data Security

FaceApp Privacy Issue

What is FaceApp? How has it gained immense attention in a less no of time? Everyone has the same question in mind! FaceApp Privacy Issue has created havoc in minds of people in a less no of time. It has gone viral and has aroused curiosity in the minds of people. It is the latest app to go viral in less no of time.

Famous Bollywood actors such as Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukon Vicky Kaushal and other celebrities also used this and share it on their social media handles which attracted the audience and forced them to use the app and try the same.

FaceApp: How does it work?

The face app uses artificial intelligence and converts pictures/ face of persons into their “old look”. The app is easy to download from the play store as well as the iOS App Store. Face App is a Russian app which was made in the year 2017 and did not get that much attention due to its privacy policy. But irrespective of its complications and privacy policies it gathered the attention of a lot of celebrities and became really popular in all social media platforms.

Face App has captured almost every common man and celebrity. It works by simply uploading a selfie-and turns it into a picture of an old aged. It provides all the features for free and let people know how they look if they were old.

FaceApp Privacy Issue: The Privacy Controversy

The major concern about using this app is that people have a fear that the app uses pictures uploaded by users for illegal purposes by agreeing to its terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are irrevocable and can cause serious issues to the users who allow it. That means the company can use the pictures and personal details of any person for any purpose. The app has been designed by some learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Response of the FaceApp Company

The Company says that it does not use/ share any personal information or pictures to any third party and says that people are spreading rumours and putting false claims on the company. The company even has confirmed that it deletes all the photos uploaded by the users in almost 48 hrs. The users even have the option to request to delete their data from the application.

According to AndroidCetnral Website FaceApp does collect personal data. It is now a serious concern for the users who are keen about personal data security.