Heavy rains disrupt life in Shimla

A couple walks during heavy rain in Shimla on Tuesday. Express photo by Lalit Kumar. 10.05.2016. *** Local Caption *** A couple walks during heavy rain in Shimla on Tuesday.

Heavy rain due to the monsoon this season is leading to the deaths, floods and discomfort to the people. The heavy rainfall this season is causing some great incontinence for the local residents and the tourists in Shimla.

What is the reason for the heavy rain in Shimla?

Every year the country experiences the monsoon rainfall because of the reversal of the seasonal winds. But sometimes this monsoon season takes a demonic face. The rainfall which seems soothing and beautiful to the tourists and residents becomes uncontrollable and that results in a lot of problems. This rainfall which adds up to the beauty of the Shimla suddenly leads to the landslides, roadblocks, traffic jams and the inconvenience.

Heavy rainfall resulted in the landslides

Heavy rainfall in the Shimla, life is totally disturbing now. Moreover, a lot of highways are blocking because of this heavy rain rush.

A family of four get under their house after the landslide, the family members are  Devender, Bina and two children. The incident took place in Kandaghat area in Hinnar located in the Solan District. The family members are brutally facing the injury after the incident and are in the hospital. Also, a schoolboy gets into the Kaushalaya river in Parwanoo. While in the Mandi district three more people have died because of the landslides.

In Una district, a girl gets shot and three family members are killed because of the car accident due to the road damage caused by the landslide near Chintpurni. The victims were the residents of Punjab and were returning to their home after paying the visit at the shrine of Chintpurni.

Road Blocks all over the city

The highways are facing extremely roadblocks and heavy traffic jams. The highway of Mandi-Pathankot and Mandi-Kullu is completely block as the landslides take over the area blocking everything.

The highway, Dharamshala-Shimla near Bhota are also malfunctioning due to the rainfall and the land sliding. The portion of the bridge got collapsed and there was a whole into it. The Chandigarh Shimla highway is also bloked due to the landslide on the Solan road.

Vehicles are even burying in Bhattakufar because of the flooding. Though there was no loss of the life because of the incident. Huge traffic is alspoo there on the Tawi Chowk.

Incidents resulted in the alarmed government officials

After the incidents, the government officials are trying to evade out the dangerous situation. The PWD department (Public Works Department),  stopped the four-lane work that was going on the Chandigarh-Shimla highway. Instead, the machinery is clearing off the roads and the massacre caused due to the landslides.

All the schools including the private schools are not running in the district to avoid the inconvenience caused to the children and the staff.

The district officials have advised all the residents to stay in their houses and not to go outside before the rainfall stops. The weather forecast department has told that there will be heavy rains