Heavy rains and traffic chaos in Delhi NCR


Concerning Gurgaon, Delhi and the adjoining parts of the National Capital. Heavy thundershowers have wrecked havoc in the Delhi NCR. It all started in the early hours of Tuesday. It had already been four hours of extreme water pouring. when the residents of Delhi finally took to social media about it when no aid came from the government’s municipality corporation.Delhi

What happened?

Due to a high level of industrialization to support the ever-growing population of India, officials of Delhi NCR had taken up more space to set up factories. which led the municipal corporation no choice but to lay sewage pipes of a smaller diameter. Instead of going into them as reported by a resident living in that area.

Adding to the huge distress, the waterlogging had started during the busiest time of the entire day for the traffic control. From eight in the morning to about twelve in the noon. The sky was pouring down and amidst all this; the daily office goers had started their journeys to their respective offices.Delhi

Traffic chaos:-

As the people tend to avoid the waterlogged areas, they took to app cabs in spite of the high demands.  Then headed out to attend their normal routines. All the increased amount of cars and the public on foot amidst all the rain. Waterlogged streets affected the duty of the cops too much. The cops were requesting the traffic to be patient as there was no other way of dealing with all the stress.

Due to knee deep waterlogging in parts of Delhi. The traffic police of the national capital tweeted alerts to stop people from taking those routes. Lajpat Nagar, Modi mill underpass, RTR Marg towards the airport were all flooded areas by the time the noon fell. The active police of the national capital issued tweets on the social media. That today people took tweets more seriously than putting them on national television. This alerted the residents and several people were saved from the wrath of the floods. Traffic movements were absolutely closed on Bhairon road. which is an international carriageway due to waterlogging as the police did not deem it fit to pass loaded trucks into the water-filled streets.


Far side:-

While people living in and around the Indraprastha did not seem to bat eyelids on the situation, it was a heavy consequence on the rural parts of Delhi.



Since Delhi never experiences such kind of a rainfall during this season, its average temperature a drop of a few degrees and the current temperature is around 23.5 degrees which is three notches below the normal average. The police and municipality are about to decide on what to do about the sewage way after it stops raining. Industrialization is good for a man as long as it serves its purpose without harming its master.