These days, technology has enabled people to make bookings for movies, hotels, etc through mobile at just a single touch. However, what is not known to many people is that such technology is also inviting us more troubles. Today, Talepost brings our readers the experience of a man with OYO when we were out on vacation for celebrating the first anniversary. This man, a resident of Chennai claims that;” OYO ruined my first wedding anniversary”.

How OYO ruined my first wedding anniversary


  • OYO allowed me just like other customers to do the booking with a hotel that was already facing payment issues with them.
  • I had to wait more than 2 hours on an island with my family, bags and zero connectivity until they transferred me to a new hotel.
  • The first suggestion for hotel transfer was 1300 KM away in West Bengal.
  • I had to pay an additional INR 1800 for a hotel which wasn’t even worth.
  • My call was literally connected with a customer than being with an OYO manager.
  • Additional INR 400 was paid by me in addition to INR 1800.
  • The compensation reward was INR 500 in my OYO wallet.

The chain of events shared by the customer from OYO is as follows-

I was going to Andaman for my first wedding celebrations. As soon as I reached Havelock island, I headed to the hotel straight which I had booked and paid for through the OYO application. I had also paid the price of stay in the hotel for 3 days in advance. As I reached the hotel, I was informed by the authorities that there was no such booking made by OYO.

Then, I dialed the customer care number twice and every time I was given no solution. After 30 minutes of calling and nagging them, the customer care executive suggested a hotel in West Bengal. The second time I requested him for the hotel, he suggested the second also in West Bengal.

Finally, after two hours of struggling and realizing OYO ruined my first wedding anniversary, I was suggested another hotel. The hotel which I was suggested asked me to pay INR 1800 more because my booking was not completed by OYO. Additionally, a cancellation fee charge of INR 400 was also paid by me at the time of checking out.
By this time, I was completely exhausted and did not even enjoy my trip to Havelock.

Story after my return to Chennai

Now after heading back home with worse memories of a trip, I decided to call OYO customer care. Another shocking event that added to my torture was my call was connected to a customer. Finally after such long frustrating days because of poor management of OYO, all I received was 500 cash added to my wallet. This money added to my wallet was just waste because all my life I will never choose OYO again.

OYO’s degrading reputation among its customers

After our team ready about how OYO ruined my first wedding anniversary of its customer, we realized that this was not it. There are hundreds of complaints and grievances made by customers every day. Some of the most common problems were-

  • The payment was made online but the booking was not done at the hotel.
  • The poor ambiance of the hotel.
  • The rooms were not clean at all.
  • Television, AC, switch plugs were not working.
  • Food quality was pathetic
  • Customers had to long for a long time until check-in was successful
  • Unexpected power-cuts

Safety concerns with such mismanaged hotels

Another most common concern with choosing such a mismanaged hotel is safety. With pornography crime rate getting higher day by day, safety is also being compromised. There have been many cases already where a hidden camera was found in the hotel rooms or bathroom owned by OYO.

After understanding the whole account given by the customer claiming, OYO ruined my first wedding anniversary, we stand with him without sympathy. Now, the moral of this incident is one should never compromise quality over cheap hotel prices. This is because the hotel in which we stay is capable of ruining or making out trip memorable.