Kangana Blasts Sonam for Judging her #MeToo Story


After the #MeToo stories surface in Hollywood. Bollywood is also coming out with the discrimination or sexual harassment they faced in the industry. While it is good that women are speaking about their harassment, media has often misinterpreted the words spoken. It can be because of a flaw in the speaker or the writer, the dig always goes at the celebrity in question. While there is no way to check if there really was sexual harassment, we cannot guarantee that the

Allegations against Vikas Bahl  #MeToo

Actress Kangana Ranaut has quite recently accused Vikas Bahl, the director the movie Queen in which she was the main lead. When she came forward with her #MeToo story and claimed of sexual misconduct from Vikas, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has judged her at a Vogue summit in Bengaluru. Sonam Kapoor was one of the speakers at the Vogue We the Women summit in Bengaluru.

Kangana is Kangana Ranaut

She revered Tanushree Dutta for showing courage and speaking against the powerful men in the industry. But, when asked about how she feels about Kangana’s claims, she derisively replied that she thinks that Kangana just wrote something and “Kangana was obviously Kangana Ranaut”. Sonam Kapoor further said that Kangana speaks a lot of stuff and it is hard to take her seriously sometimes.

Sonam further said that she loved Kangana’s spunk and believes what she says and respects her for that. She then exclaimed that she does not know Vikas Dahl nor does she know the situation. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja then ended her statement saying that if what Kangana wrote is true, it is truly disgusting and should be punished for the same.

When Kangana Ranaut saw Sonam’s statement, she responded in an interview with Pinkvilla. Kangana brought up nepotism indirectly and questioned Sonam’s remarks on “It’s hard to believe Kangana”. Kangana further expressed that while she was sharing her #MeToo story, Sonam does not have a right to judge her. THen the actress spoke if Sonam has any license that she can trust some women and some not.

She questioned Sonam on her statement so unsure of my claims. Kangana also says that she is an articulate person and represents the country in many international summits. She was lauded as a youth influencer in those summits. Kangna even said that she was not known because of her dad. She earned her place using her credibility after struggling for almost a decade.

Kangana further expresses that Sonam is not a great actress and does not even have the reputation of being a good speaker. She then slammed everyone questioning the filmy people, the right to take digs at her and said that she will demolish each one of them.

Sonam playing safe

Realizing that things were going out of hand, Sonam Kapoor took to social media the previous day to play safe. She expressed that women need to stand together and the irresponsible media have misquoted her. Sonam further said that she has the compassion and love for Kangana. She then exclaimed that she was proud of where she came from and so should every woman.