Kerala tourist bus having adult film stars painted all over it goes viral

porn-star-bus-kerala tourist bus

A movie buzz nation like India has always been at the top for its colourful vehicles with classic messages behind them. However common of a phenomenon it is to find posters or paintings of Bollywood celebs, the Kerala private tourist bus chose to exhilarate the trend by painting pictures of adult film stars on their buses. This is something that we don’t get to see every day. But you may get to see it now if you are visiting Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, because not only has it has taken the internet by storm, it is actually something very real. The bus run by Chikkoos Tours and Travels has an amazing art of adult film stars; namely, Sunny Leone, Mia Khalifa, Johnny Sins, Jordi El Nino, and Kortney Kane.


Chikkoos Tours and Travels is owned by Ambadi Travels that operates in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Sherinn, the owner of the bus mentioned that the painting of the porn stars is exclusively meant for college goers. He quoted saying “amongst college goers, this is a trend in these days to tie banners of Sunny Leone’s picture in the back of buses during college trips. This was hindering the name and details of our tourist buses. So, we thought, we will paint the whole bus with porn stars,”

“It’s a special edition bus. We offer college tour packages to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mysore among other places,” he added. There is no legal issue since nothing vulgar is portrayed in the painting.

According to reports, the Chikkoos Travels have spent nearly 2.6 lacs in innovating the paintings and the graffiti art. RatheeshKallettumkara, the artist, took around 20 days to complete the whole painting. He is well known for painting celebrity caricature using an airbrush. When he was asked about his feeling on drawing this innovative structure, he said: “Earlier, a few other bus operators have approached me for the artwork of film-stars and celebrities, but this one was a unique project.”

Reportedly, the decorations have been made to come up with a complete package for the young people. They have also put neon lights and installed a music system inside the bus.

On asking why the bus is decked up with porn stars, Sherinn said that they too belong to the pop culture and there’s nothing vulgar or improper in painting the sketches of the adult entertainment industry in the bus. Rather it is far better than sticking a poster of these adult stars behind the bus.

Sherinn pointed out saying ” as many people put pictures of politicians , film stars and sports personalities on buses, whats bad in these adults film actors as they are also very much popular and everyone knows them.”

However, the creativity doesn’t end there. Chikkoos travels have got their own YouTube channel where they showcase all the bus services run by them. Certainly, Kerala tourist bus has evolved as a complete package with their bold and colourful artwork. It has not only grabbed the attention of the citizens of Kerala, but netizens across the country are popping their eyes out in astonishment.

Here’s how Twitter is going gaga on the trending “adult films star bus.”

Alok Sharma (@toonfactory)

“The tourist buses in Kerala are way too BOLD with their art. From @JohnnySins to @KeiranLee @AvaAddams to @ALETTAOCEANXXXX to @MiaMalkova and @miakhalifa they’ve got them all covered. It’s like   @Brazzers on Wheels!”

AmolKetkar (@4M0L_k37K4R)

“Replying to @Basi_cally

Cheeky but That’s a really impressive paint job. A true artist’s work.”


Johnny Sins seem quite impressed by the artwork.

He even re-tweeted one of the tweets saying :

Johnny Sins


“ Haha Imagine that bus rolling around the U.S.🤣 very cool!”


Least we can say is; India is truly incredible!