Top 10 most expensive houses of the richest people in the world

Warren Buffet, Laguna Beach Mansion

Top 10 most expensive houses of the richest people in the world

It is correctly said that Home is the only Heaven. The
comfortable house not only provides relaxation to the mind but
also provides satisfaction to the soul. Let’s have a look at some
wonderful houses supported with beautiful rooms and
surrounded with delightful surroundings of these top 10 richest
people in the world.

Jeff Bezos, Washington D.C.

The internet billionaire, technology and retail entrepreneur
and philanthropist own both Blue Origin, Amazon and other
companies. His Washington D.C. Home is thought to be the
most expensive house in the capital of United States. This
home is priced at around $23 million in cash and was
purchased on October 21, 2016. The former textile museum
was converted into a house and it covers 27,000 square
feet. This house is said to be right next door to former
President Obama’s home. Another notable feature includes a
large lounge complete with a bar, multiple bedrooms and the
backyard which is unsurprisingly impressive.

Bill Gates, Xanadu 2.0

A philanthropist, he is the founder of the biggest computer
company in the world and tops the world’s rich list and is
none other than Bill Gates. His house Xanadu 2.0 is one of
the largest and most expensive houses in the United States
and possibly in the world. The grand house is built into a hill
and is designed to directly protect the environment with a full-blown stream that catches rainwater runoff and draining it into a lake. There is an amazing amount of rooms in this
house and they include a trampoline room, ten cars
underground garage, digital aquarium, library, home theatre,
indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There is a site-wide
server connecting the whole property to one of the fastest
internet connections on the planet. The price for this insane
luxury living pad is $132 million.

Top 10 most expensive houses of the richest people in the world

Warren Buffet, Laguna Beach Mansion

Warren Buffet, Laguna Beach Mansion
Currently with the age 87 and earned fame with Berkshire
Hathaway owned a beautiful home in Laguna Beach. He
bought this beach home in 1971 for a cool $150 thousand,
this 3588 square foot home features a living room with a fireplace, a dining room area, a skylit top kitchen, five bedrooms
and seven full bathrooms. Its walls of glass and ocean facing
decks extend the living space outdoors. He later sold it for
$5.45 million.

Bernard Arnault, Le Cheval Blanc Hotel

Bernard Arnault, Le Cheval Blanc Hotel
He is a businessman, investor, and CEO. He owns one of
the largest handbag and perfume companies in the world,
he is Bernard Arnault. This amazing hotel comprises of 34 luxury
guest rooms, one private Chalet, and one extravagant penthouse.
Each room has a balcony facing stunning mountain views and
each room has access to the swimming pools. It is also home to
the super exclusive Givenchy Snow Spa and a hair salon and with
both Loius Vuitton and Cristian Dior boutiques on site. You are spoilt for choice on luxury shopping. It is thought that he regularly
uses the top floor penthouse on his trips.

Mark Zuckerberg, Palo Alto House

Mark Zuckerberg, Palo Alto House
American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur,
Mark Zuckerberg is among the 10 richest people in the
world. He is a co-founder of the popular social networking site
Facebook which is an instant hit of over 1.6 billion users.
This youngest billionaire owns a magnificent mansion in
Palo Alto. He paid a cool $7 million for this property. The
house is located in one of County. This mansion features 5
bedrooms, French doors, and deep porches. In addition, this
two-storied house also has a saltwater pool and a large
kitchen with adjoining breakfast area. The master bedroom has a spa-inspired Carrara marble bath with heated floors
which adds some elegance.

Top 10 most expensive houses of the richest people in the world

Decrease Amancio Ortega, Building in La Coruna, Spain

Decrease Amancio Ortega, Building in La Coruna, Spain
The fast fashion pioneer Ortega is mysteriously known for
his keeping his life private. He has hardly shared anything
about his home but it is thought that he owns a decent house
in La Coruna, Spain. His company Zara is flooding the
markets at present with the fine qualities of handbags and

Carlos Slim, Duke Semans Mansion

Carlos Slim, Duke Semans Mansion
The mansion of this richest man on the list is 20,000 square
feet and has 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a doctor’s
office in the basement. This house was originally built in
1901. The wooden layout adds elegance to the house with
paintings hung on the wall. It is located in the Fifth Avenue
and directly across the street from Metropolitan Museum Of
Art. The location ensures that plenty of sun hits the rooms.
The wood paneling is hand carved. Terrace views create a
fairytale story.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch
10 miles outside downtown Aspen and at the gates of a Koch
brother’s 82-acre western palace is one of the wonderful house.
Located in between the Elk Mountains and Castle Creek, the
surrounding has seven cabins and the four separate single-family
lodges that certainly adds up 28 bedrooms, 27
bathrooms and two fishing ponds. The dining room can
support 20 heads with a hyperbaric theater where guests can
screen a movie while enjoying a combination of heat, Oxygen
and of course food. Driving to the basement, you will find a
princess themed playroom.

Bill Koch

Bill Koch
The house with 8,653 square feet, nine bedrooms and 12
bathrooms are owned by the tycoon, Bill Koch. Supported by
greenery and ventilated rooms add glory and luxury to this
house. The view of the blue water from the rooms satisfies the soul
and brings peace to the mind.

Top 10 most expensive houses of the richest people in the world

Larry Ellison, Porcupine Creek Estate

Larry Ellison, Porcupine Creek Estate
The estimated cost of a house owned by Larry Ellison is $2oo
billion and is obviously the world’s most expensive home. The
founder of the world’s largest business software company, he is a
huge lover of property. The grand house features 19 hole golf
course, covers an area of 249 acres and has 16 bedrooms. The
home has a vintage feel with the interior of traditional artifacts. The
mountain facing pool is an additional heaven.